How to choose wooden doors when decorating

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The door is the interval of space, which separates the disturbing outside world from the warm home; The door is the guardian of the family, waiting silently for the family's life and rest. Choose a good door to make life more quality and home more warm

good wooden doors can be roughly divided into: entrance door, bedroom door, study door, living room door, kitchen door, bathroom door, balcony door, etc. according to the use function of the door. The warm and thick wooden door used as the bedroom door can also bring the owner a quiet and safe feeling; The bathroom door can be glass door, wooden door or wooden door with glass lattice

good wooden door purchase depends on environmental protection

when purchasing, smell close to the product to see if there is a pungent smell. If you make people cry or sneeze, it means that the content of harmful gas is relatively high, which may have problems. Don't buy it. There is another way, consumers can ask the dealer for the quality inspection report to see whether the wooden door has a nationally recognized inspection report, and also pay attention not to fall into the low price trap

good wooden door purchase depends on details

depends on details and texture. Look at the details, mainly to see whether the lock holes, hinge holes, concealed bolt holes are neatly opened, whether the door leaf structure joints and door pocket structure joints are meticulous, and whether the door leaf and door pocket joints are uniform. Look at the texture, mainly to see whether the product splicing is regular and flawed

choose wooden doors to see the manufacturer's service

more and more enterprises find the importance of after-sales service, and choose big brands not only to choose their products, but also to choose their services





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