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Nowadays, many fashion people begin to actively participate in their own decoration, and many things choose to "do it yourself"

nowadays, many fashion people begin to actively participate in their own decoration, and many things choose to "do it yourself". With the help of professional tools, people can easily complete DIY projects such as the installation and fixation of shelves and walls, the installation of drawer pulleys, and the decoration of kitchens and bathrooms. According to statistics, in the past five years, the demand for electric drills and rechargeable tools has increased by 120%; The demand for tools used for porcelain equipment processing increased by 50%, which reflects the growth of decoration demand in the domestic market. It is expected that the sales of electric tools will increase by 15% in the next 10 years, and the growth of rechargeable tools will be the most obvious. DIY furniture is becoming increasingly popular

diy home decoration needs enough time, necessary funds and lasting patience. Before DIY decoration, there should be hand weighing tools and satisfactory materials. At the beginning of the design, it is best to find some design books for reference, and count the daily accumulation to see if it can be used

several DIY home decoration schemes

painting of wall surfaces

before painting, the wall surface should be selected with a batch of leveling materials such as putty or wall lining. After the leveling materials are dry, polish them with sandpaper and wipe off the floating ash. It is best to remove the old paint from the wall with old paint. If not, remove the oil with cleaning agent, remove the mildew with mold remover, and then rinse it with clean water. Paint after the wall is dry

before construction, the emulsion paint in the barrel should be stirred evenly, and the construction temperature should be above 5 ℃ and the relative humidity should be below 85%. When painting, do not brush in different directions. If it is up and down, it is mainly in the direction of up and down from beginning to end. If it is left and right, the same is true. Only when the direction is consistent, the color will be complete and there will be no trace

paving of ceramic tiles

deal with the wall or ground to be paved before paving, and determine the tiling method according to the paving form. If there is a directional pattern, the product should be paved in the direction shown in the figure. Before pre paving, pull two mutually perpendicular lines on the treated ground, level with a level ruler, and make the wall vertical with a hammer ingot

when paving, draw a line according to the size of the brick, and reserve mortar joints. During the paving process, fill and scrape the brick joints with mortar, and point the joints tightly. When sticking wall tiles, you should repeatedly tap the tiles gently with the handle of a hammer to make it bond firmly. After paving for 1 hour, the cement or other sticky dirt left on the brick surface shall be wiped clean in time; After 12 hours of paving, the wall should be knocked for inspection. If there is an empty drum sound, it should be paved again

floor laying

as it is not a professional decoration, it is best to choose snap floor for easy laying. Before laying the floor, the floor should be left in the room for 48 hours to adapt to the "local" temperature

the ground shall be flat, dry and clean, and the concave and convex parts shall be leveled. A gap of 2.5 ~ 3cm shall be reserved between the door and the ground. Before paving, lay a layer of special plastic film on the exposed ground to protect the floor from rising moisture

in fact, DIY decoration involves all aspects, including not only large projects such as material selection, wall painting, floor laying, but also small finishing such as furniture matching and wallpaper application. Use your brain, relax, change your sleeves, and believe that you can do better





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