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On May 22, after the persistent tracking and maintenance of Huidong team and the full process recommendation of regular customers, Huidong store won millions of orders

on May 22, Huidong store won millions of orders! This order, which originated from the introduction of old customers, has been followed up for more than two months. After the persistent tracking and maintenance of Huidong team and the full process recommendation of old customers, Huidong store has won millions of orders

same brand

tug of war

the million dollar single owner Chen was always introduced by an old customer, who highly recognized the Yihe brand and installed Yihe doors and windows in the whole villa of his family. Chen is always his neighbor. When he introduced him to President Chen, the supervisor of President Chen's family strongly recommended another brand, thinking that the brand is not only a lot of good, but also a first-line brand

Huidong store

regular customers

personal recommendation

regular customers have high recognition of Yihe, which makes Mr. Chen mistakenly think that he took Yihe how much commission to recommend. But the old customer sincerely told him: No, I recognize Yihe brand very much. Later, he took Mr. Chen to the construction site near his home to see the effect of hundreds of millions of yuan of home decoration. It happened that several households near Mr. Chen's home used Yihe doors and windows, which showed him the benefits and popularity of Yihe

Yihe products

Yihe products

meet his needs for doors and windows

after almost two months of tug of war, on the one hand, the supervisor strongly recommended to President Chen, and on the other hand, our old customers strongly recommended. Mr. Chen actually recognized Yihe from the beginning. After Mr. Chen's consideration and comparison, he still believed that Yihe met his needs for good door and window quality, and made him feel at ease in terms of workmanship, installation services, team, etc

workshop of the company

team energy

conquer the hearts of the people

at the same time, President Chen also saw that the team of Yihe Huidong store provided considerate service, and every link was done very carefully and professionally. During the reception, President Chen was moved by the energy of Huidong team again and again. The team has strong cohesion, good atmosphere, sincere cooperation and mutual cooperation. The team members are enthusiastic, lively and positive, which gave him a very trustworthy feeling

Huidong team

the success of this large order in the brand competition at the same level depends on the strong recommendation of old customers throughout the process. Coupled with the popularity, quality charm of Yihe brand and the patient and meticulous professional service of Huidong team, we finally won the hearts of customers in the fierce brand competition. From this big order, we can see that the maintenance of regular customers is very important, and we must do a good job





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