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cloud taster ecological wall material product introduction (0317-8583200/13131752503 wechat synchronization)

cloud taster ecological wall material is an independently developed environmental protection paint under Cangzhou cloud taster household products Co., Ltd., which is an innovative wall decoration process. Using professional tools and self-developed coatings, vivid, personalized and fashionable patterns are printed on the wall, which is safe, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It is an innovative wall decoration process

the headquarters of the company was established in 1995. It is committed to providing solutions for various wall decoration designs, and has always adhered to the research and development of products. It is unique in the field of local wall decoration and is widely praised

cloud taster's ecological wall material product features (0317-8583200/13131752503 wechat synchronization)

1 independent research and development

2 health and environmental protection

3 large area construction

4 easy to clean, scrub resistant

5 waterproof and moisture-proof, flame retardant

6 new and old houses, all construction

7 home decoration tooling, personalized customization

8 color style, random collocation

9 construction noise free.No pollution

10 no painting skills, easy to operate Easy to use

advantages of cloud taster's ecological wall material products (0317-8583200/13131752503 wechat synchronization)

no peeling, no glue opening, no cracking, no mildew, seamless connection, no odor, easy to use, easy to construct, easy to clean, easy to preserve, fireproof, waterproof and flame retardant, quality up to ten years, arbitrary deployment of colors, self-designed patterns, arbitrary selection and design of patterns with different light and different refraction effects The wall surface has a three-dimensional sense, which is convenient for secondary decoration. The interior and exterior walls of home decoration and tooling are common, bright colors, and there are many kinds of processes.

yunpin wall scenery not only goes beyond the disadvantages of wallpaper and wallpaper peeling off, but also solves the problem of expensive hand painting all the time. Yunpin wall view will be at the forefront of the wall decoration market and become a relatively popular wall decoration product at present. Cloud craftsman ecological wall material will be a trend, and the wall decoration market will usher in a new era

advantages of cloud craftsman ecological wall material project (0317-8583200/13131752503 wechat synchronization)

independent research and development: independent research and development, development and innovation

zero franchise fee: no agency fee and franchise fee

protection of rights and interests: humanized agency mechanism

Free Entrepreneurship: borrowing people and store marketing and other marketing modes, flexible and free, easy entrepreneurship

low cost operation: no need to open a store

small risk investment: free experience first, Agents are more reliable

free training: free training on Construction Technology




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