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No matter how small the house is, the kitchen cannot be less. Although the small kitchen in the small family does not have enough space for people to "waste", the preparation, cooking and storage still need to be comprehensive and indispensable. So how to create a good-looking kitchen in a small space, make the space look not crowded, make the cabinets personalized and fashionable as a whole, and make full use of all kinds of kitchen equipment in an inch of space to achieve the effect of unique and harmonious things and me, really need to use your brain

don't waste corners

generally, the kitchen of single apartment is 2-3 square meters, the kitchen of one bedroom and one living room is 3-4 square meters, the kitchen of two bedrooms and two living rooms and three bedrooms and two living rooms is 4-5 square meters, and the kitchen of four bedrooms and two living rooms and above is 5-8 square meters. Therefore, a small kitchen generally refers to a kitchen with an area of less than 6 square meters

on the one hand, the small kitchen should pay attention to complete functions, but also to maximize the utilization of space, so as to make the visual space appear wide. Many electrical appliances can be accommodated into the cabinet as far as possible to make the table appear fresh. On the wall, the mirror can be used to extend the sense of space, and local art decoration can be used to distract visual attention. Between the ground cabinet and the hanging cabinet is a place that can be fully utilized. A wall shelf can be designed and installed here to store all the scattered plates, cups, condiment bottles, shovels, spoons, etc., so as to avoid them occupying the countertop space of the cabinet

there are always small corners in the kitchen. Folding or length adjustable cupboard dining table can make full use of these small corners and place push-pull high cabinets. This kind of cabinet with strong storage capacity greatly reduces the demand for space. If it is an open kitchen, it is also a good idea to extend the cooking table into a small dining table

when working in the kitchen, you often need some items to be available at any time. The limited space of the small kitchen determines that these items can only be put into the cabinet, which is very troublesome when taking them. When making cabinets, leave a simple space for a stainless steel frame with pulleys




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