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With the development of the Internet, the marketing mode of enterprises has gradually developed from traditional offline marketing to online marketing. The rapid development of e-commerce is the general trend

in 2017, the Jingdong Mall designed by qunxi wooden gate was officially launched, realizing the comprehensive development of the integration of online and offline advantages. It has been running successfully for one year, and has successfully opened online sales channels

qunxi Jingdong Mall takes "young people prefer" as the theme, and displays a series of products. The appearance design is beautiful, the texture is full, the material is high-end, and the technology is skilled. All of them are the best products in the door newly launched by qunxi wooden door

qunxi wooden door

young people prefer qunxi wooden door - high quality material selection

ensure the quality of wooden door from raw materials

qunxi wooden door selects the top-grade wood materials of wooden door. The wood is exquisite, the material is tough, moisture-proof and pry proof, with super durability and practicality

the real good quality starts with raw materials. Qunxi wooden door strictly controls the quality. The almost strict requirements for raw materials have cast the quality of qunxi wooden door as gold

qunxi wooden door - health and environmental protection

give each family a natural sense of comfort

qunxi wooden door has always paid attention to environmental protection, using imported wood and the advanced technology used by many famous household brands: melamine veneer pressing technology. The biggest advantage of this process is environmental protection, no paint, and the surface effect can completely make a texture higher than paint, which is environmental protection, high-grade, and durable. Qunxi environmental protection series products have attracted the attention of the market once launched, which is also integrated with the concept of qunxi customized big home

in addition, qunxi pays more attention to details. It adopts imported materials such as German shatter panel, German glue king, Korean imported hot stamping film, etc. to control environmental protection from the source. The formaldehyde emission is lower than E1 level, reaching the national standard. Our "door" promises to give you a safe and environmentally friendly home

qunxi wooden door - strict testing

ensure that every door is a perfect work of art

every wooden door of qunxi can leave the factory after strict testing:

high temperature resistance testing

wear resistance testing

seamless wall edge testing

pollution resistance testing

mute testing

qunxi wooden door - visible quality

buy at ease and use at ease

qunxi Jingdong Mall has introduced the appearance and functions of each product in detail, making consumption transparent and consumers more at ease, and qunxi promises "no reason to refund in 7 days". Qunxi online sites are all over the country, and we can provide you with perfect after-sales service in time. Truly buy at ease and use comfortably

the detailed page layout includes most of the "product lines" of qunxi wooden door, so that consumers can easily and comprehensively see the products of qunxi wooden door on the Internet

at the same time, the offline sales of qunxi wooden door are still in full swing. If consumers don't trust the pictures and words, they can also visit the offline store of qunxi wooden door, which truly realizes the new retail mode of online and offline development

as early as 2016, Ma Yun put forward the concept of "new retail". Qunxi wooden door complied with the development of the times, launched a new retail model of online and offline linkage development, and connected with the Internet with a more personalized and humanized platform to further understand the market demand. The operation of online mall is of great significance to the marketing of qunxi wooden door, and it is also a milestone for qunxi wooden door to achieve transformation and upgrading on its development path





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