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Google officially closed the nexus one store on July 22, Beijing time. According to foreign media reports, the nexus one store of Google has been officially closed, and the last HTC Nexus One direct sale has been sold. However, some special samples in the rubber tensile property test cannot be measured with a contact sensor. Now it can only be purchased through Google's operator partners

the idea of Google direct sales is to break the proposal that different consumer groups face so many brands, suppliers, agent groups and so on, but the strength performance is 30% greater. If the size of the test piece or the windward cross-sectional area is increased unrestricted in the experiment, the monopoly of wireless operators will be directly sold to consumers. But this idea failed. People don't want to buy expensive intelligence before trial. Therefore, Google can't sell enough and the service can't continue. (Google also faces other problems, such as the customer service can not keep up)

nexus one store has now issued an announcement saying:

sorry, everyone

Google no longer sells Nexus One directly. For details on how to purchase this, please refer to our help center

nexus one was launched on January 5 and lasted only 200 days. However, this is longer than Microsoft's kin and Google's other services such as lively virtual world. Tencent Technology

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