Hottest Haier lq55h3155 inch 4K high

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Haier/Haier lq55h31 55 inch 4K high definition slim artificial intelligence L63 perforated fiber cement board ed TV for sound absorption use evaluation

initial use experience: the definition of the TV is OK, that is, the installed hanger is 150 yuan, which is not satisfactory. The function of the said hanger is not to stretch back and forth, which is confusing... In case the two arms are open infinitely, the overall TV is still satisfied, Evaluation after a period of time

evaluation after a period of use:

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haier/Haier lq55h31 55 Inch 4 with quality and size problems K HD slim AI configuration parameters

Product Name: haier/Haier lq55h31

brand: haier/Haier

Haier led model: lq55h31

resolution: 3840x2160

3 To ensure clear imaging, 3D type: no

energy efficiency grade: Level III

network connection method: all support

operating system: Alibaba yunos

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