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Half opening insect repellent plastic film fruit bags

insect repellent plastic film fruit bags add insect repellent chemical materials to conventional plastic raw materials, so that the plastic film fruit bags have a taboo effect on many pests. The plastic film fruit bags produced with this formula can not only reduce the occurrence of the so-called load pests, but also increase the air permeability of the fruit bags, reduce the temperature in the film bags, and reduce fruit burning, black spot and fruit cracking

half opening insect repellent plastic film fruit bag can be applied to apple, pear, peach, grape, pomegranate and other fruits. The use of plastic film fruit bags has an excellent effect on preventing various fruit diseases and pests. It can reduce the times of spraying pesticides, protect the ecological environment, produce pollution-free and pollution-free green food, improve the smoothness of fruit surface, and improve the commodity value and commodity rate

the plastic film fruit bag has a broader prospect and market than the paper fruit bag because of its low price, simple use, safe and reliable digital manifesting force and good fruit quality

10% (5) 0% straw filled polypropylene with different contents is adopted.

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