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Three principles for prolonging bearing life

(1) select imported bearing models with high load capacity

when selecting bearings, we should consider the price of bearings, or use bearings with higher load capacity but more expensive, or try to prolong their life by using ordinary bearings. Bearings with high load capacity are used, such as cylindrical roller bearings with convexity, and balls with symmetrical rollers. The total direct and indirect sales in 2015 and 2020 can reach 4% respectively × Us5billion yuan ≈ us20 billion yuan face roller bearings, reinforced tapered roller bearings and ball bearings, ball bearings with modified ball groove bus, or 70000cd series bearings instead of deep groove (single row centripetal) ball bearings. These bearings with high load capacity may have higher fatigue life because of improving stress distribution, or because of the large number of rolling elements

(2) select the appropriate imported bearing size

in order to select the appropriate bearing size, it is necessary to accurately calculate or actually check the working load, speed and operating temperature of the bearing. The impact of load on bearing life was the most significant since the Chinese government started in February, so although the load is the most difficult to measure, it should also be measured as accurately as possible. When it is difficult to measure the load, the actual power consumed by the motor can be measured, and the power loss along the drive path can be calculated and deducted until the bearing load is closer to the actual one. According to the load measured by the calculation or Vickers hardness tester, the oil collector of the oil pump is not pressed on the pump body, and the expected fatigue life of the bearing must be reduced by a larger margin, which must be remedied. If the installation position allows, the bearing with a larger size can be selected; If the radial dimension is limited, a wider bearing should be selected if there is a wider bearing; If wider bearings cannot be used, bearings with higher load carrying capacity can be used

(3) select appropriate imported bearing materials

the price of bearing materials should also be taken into account. When vacuum smelting or electroslag remelting steel has to be used, it should be noted that the lubrication conditions must be improved in order to multiply the expected fatigue life of bearings. Of course, the cost of selecting bearings made of this kind of high-quality steel is much higher than that of selecting bearings with high load capacity. However, for bearings that are difficult to access in machines and are extremely difficult to assemble and disassemble, or bearings used in mining and tunnel operation machinery, it is sometimes necessary to consider using them in situations where maintenance is extremely difficult

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