Disinfection method of the hottest washing machine

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Disinfection method of washing machine

disinfection method of washing machine:

washing machine experts from the China Household Appliance Research Institute pointed out that the internal environment of the washing machine is very humid, and after a few days of inactivity, a large number of molds will breed. The longer it is used, the more opportunities for mold to breed inside. After a washing machine has been used for a long time, if it is not cleaned in time, it will slowly appear muddy water and unclean rinsing. Over time, the next washing of clothes will cause pollution. If people wash clothes with moldy washing machines for a long time, they may have cross infection and cause various skin diseases

1 one of the simplest and effective ways to prevent mold without manual participation is: don't cover the washing machine after washing clothes

2. The washing machine should be protected against fungal spores: the number of fungal spores in the full-automatic washing machine is more than that in the semi-automatic washing machine. Therefore, after washing clothes, the water in the washing machine should be emptied in time, and the cover should be opened. If possible, the disinfection cabinet or clothes disinfectant can be used; Underwear is best washed by hand

In his opinion

3, wash 3: regularly check the transmission of the sprocket, and the clothes machine should be descaled. The inside of the washing machine looks very clean, but you don't know that there is an outer sleeve on the outside of the washing cylinder when washing clothes. The washing water goes in and out between the two layers, and the water is discharged in the interlayer. If you pull out the washing cylinder, you must be surprised, because the dirt in the interlayer is very serious!. The interlayer of the washing machine is actually like a sewer. Its dirt is mainly composed of water scale, detergent free matter, fiber, organic matter, dust, bacteria and other garbage. These hodgepodge are firmly attached to the interlayer of the washing machine and propagate and ferment at room temperature. When washing, it will pollute the clothes and bring them to the human body, and even make people itch and allergic. Flange ball valve

4. When cleaning, pour the three kettle into an empty container with a quantity of water descaling agent (available on the market) taking into account the low voltage accuracy in the computer, prepare it according to the ratio of descaling agent/water =l/2 and stir it evenly. Pour the mixed detergent solution from the detergent addition box, and be careful not to splash it on the skin. Then press the power switch of the washing machine, set the program to "washing program" (select the longest time), and rotate the washing cylinder; After the descaling solution is discharged into the bucket from the drainage pipe, add the discharged descaling solution from the detergent addition box, and repeat this for many times until the program runs out, and then open the filter for cleaning and filtration

5. After the machine runs, open the water inlet valve and restore the drainage pipe to its original position. Re select the washing program to make the washing machine run again. After the program runs, wash and filter again. So far, the descaling and cleaning are completed

6. However, due to the effect of descaling liquid, the surface of the washing machine drum will be slightly dark, but it will not affect normal use. It can be restored to its original state after washing clothes for several times

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