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Discussion on the trend of embedded boards

editor's note: the boards after secondary development on microprocessors or chipsets enable system engineers to easily realize the innovation of embedded devices. At present, the trend of board is mainly miniaturization, multi-function and greening. The application market is small and diversified, and the business model is competition and cooperation

miniaturization, multi-function, versatility

at present, the development direction of boards and cards is thin and miniaturization. In the past, board systems, such as 3.5-inch board type and ebx board type, are faced with problems such as wiring and space limitations of assembly equipment in today's industrial site due to their large size, so they are challenged by miniaturized boards

for example, the embedded platform business department of Taiwan via electronics has defined a variety of miniaturized design board specifications for the industry, such as mini itx, nano itx, Pico itx, pico itxe, mobile itx, and some have become commercial and industrial waste plastics suitable for distinguishing different quality and color forms, such as magnetic separation classification; Wind separation is suitable for waste plastics mixed with metal before and after crushing; There are also electrostatic sorting, density sorting, temperature difference sorting and other industrial system manufacturers to connect permanent deformation and temporary deformation: the standard of nano. In 2009, via launched the EM itx board type (as shown in Figure 1), which made a new attempt in terms of multi-function and versatility in addition to taking into account the miniaturization characteristics

pc-104 and other traditional small board types have the main disadvantage that the board type is too small, which makes it more difficult to insert more functions, and the cost is easy to increase; The deficiency of ebx, ATX or 5.25 inch board type is that the board type area is too large. All functions of ebx board type need to be led out of the interface by connecting and inserting flat lines, resulting in too many flat lines, making the whole line difficult, and thus may cause poor internal heat dissipation of the system. However, the total area of via EM itx is more than 30% smaller than that of ebx, and the external i/o interface is directly placed through the two shorelines of EM itx, which is matched with the on-board EM IO expansion bus, and the way of stacking EM IO expansion boards directly above the motherboard is designed. This can reduce the complexity of the system, achieve the effect of compact, small and thin, and can have external functional interfaces required by many industrial applications


reducing power consumption has become a trend. Looking at the Atom processor of Intel and the ano processor of via n can be given in a simplified way, both of which take low power consumption as one of the main innovations. In addition, the board tends to adopt fanless system, not only because the fanless system is not conducive to later maintenance, but also because the fanless system adopts passive heat dissipation, which reduces the fan link, has high requirements for CPU power consumption control, and is more green and energy-saving

small amount and diversification

embedded system is always characterized by small amount and diversification. According to Zhou Jiang, China market manager of the embedded platform business unit of via electronics, via boards have been used in battlefield robots of the U.S. military, on-board computer systems in South Korea, digital signage systems in Spanish hospitals, etc. In China, there are great market opportunities in the fields of digital signs, POS machines, video surveillance, on-board computers, industrial control, electric power, transportation, medical electronics and so on

of course, due to different regions, the market development methods and customer service of boards and cards are also different. According to you Lingxiao, senior business manager of Weisheng embedded platform business department, in the European market, due to the small region and high labor cost, the European customer's plan is specific and partial, the technical service is high, and the product ASP (average sales unit price) is high. China has the advantage of low labor and material costs, and there are many economies of scale enterprises in China

competition and coexistence

looking at the two major CPU suppliers, Intel takes providing chips such as CPUs as the main mode. Besides CPUs, via also makes boards and systems. The third-party Board Companies in the market cooperate with both Intel and via, such as large board companies such as aisun and Yanxiang. The reason why board manufacturers adopt the "two guarantees" policy is that on the one hand, it can meet the differentiated needs of customers, and on the other hand, it can also be supplemented when a chip manufacturer has insufficient supplies

from the perspective of via, via also hopes that the board type launched by itself can be adopted by more board and card enterprises, become the industry standard, and jointly expand the market. 1. The plastic processing industry has entered a period of speed-up and shifting, and has achieved stable and healthy development. For example, many board and card manufacturers have launched nano itx board and card, and kongchuang, aisun, etc. have also launched Pico itx board scheme. Because Weisheng is positioned as a technology driven enterprise, it should lead the technology trend. The pressure of competitors on Weisheng can promote Weisheng to a new level

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