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Discussion on the visual beauty of color in packaging design (Part 1)

Abstract: as a main visual language, color plays a very important role in packaging design, and the color characteristics of packaging are even more impressive than shape design. The visual aesthetic feeling of packaging color should not only grasp the aesthetic law of color, but also focus on the humanistic, national, regional and popular trends of color, and through various examples, to explore the regularity of visual aesthetic feeling, fully grasp the scale of color aesthetic feeling, and design good packaging works. Key words: packaging; Color vision off; The humanity of color; The nationality and regionality of color; The popular trend of color

today, Packaging design has become -1 "-3 comprehensive art is a creative activity that combines modern science and technology with art design, infiltrates and applies them to each other. It has become an important symbol that reflects the economic and cultural development of a country, nation and region. Countries all over the world are actively promoting the relevant research and development level, which can not be ignored. In addition to being exquisite, practical and novel, modern packaging design also has a wide variety of social forms, economic structures and people The changes of human customs and the role of social representation. It can be said that packaging is a materialized cultural carrier. There are many links to do a good job in packaging design, but mastering the application of color visual beauty plays a crucial role in packaging design. Because color has light stimulating effect on eyes, it has preemptive power in visual art. Since ancient times, people have "Looking at color from a distance, looking at flowers from a distance, and looking at flowers from a seventh color to a third color." relevant psychological studies have shown that when people observe objects, color perception accounts for 80% in the first 20 seconds. It can be seen how quickly, deeply and permanently color gives people an impression. As a major visual language, color has a strong visual impact. Color is also the most popular form of aesthetic feeling, which is very easy to cause people's single device range to reach 100% Ton/year emotional response and change l-3j. Nowadays, dialysis the visual beauty of packaging color, so that packaging design can promote the continuous progress of human material life faster and better, has become a topic worthy of our discussion

the research on packaging color is based on the psychological effect of color on vision, such as the feeling of color and the association of color, that is, a kind of general common feeling based on the sensory experience of physiological factors; The other is the association derived from the synaesthesia experience of psychological factors and multiple receptors. The second is to study the law of color matching, such as color contrast, harmony, the use of hue, etc., that is, to analyze and study color from the aesthetic law of color. People's color perception and aesthetic process are affected by many complex factors. This paper focuses on the characteristics of visual aesthetic feeling of packaging color from the aspects of humanism, national regionalism, fashion trend and so on

1 in packaging design, we should pay attention to the humanistic characteristics of color

because color makes people have different visual feelings in life, and there will be different tendencies in choosing packaging colors due to different occupations and regions; In addition, with the differentiation of consumption levels, everyone has their own favorite and annoying colors. People of different occupations, educational levels, age levels and different personalities will also have different requirements for the visual beauty of packaging colors. Psychologists believe that a person who likes bright colors is a social person with an outgoing personality, while a person who likes dark colors has an introverted personality and is not sociable

in terms of gender, most women like white, red and pink, which are called women's colors. The use of white and red in the packaging of women's products can attract women's love. The commodities and packages used by young women in Europe and the United States generally like elegant and warm colors, especially cosmetics, soaps, detergents, underwear and other daily-use commodities in contact with the skin can't use dark colors, but only white or other elegant colors. Men like serious black, so black is also called male color. The packaging of men's products in black can be favored by men. Among them, middle-aged men generally like stable and simple colors, preferring elegant, noble and very elegant color packaging; The elderly men prefer the experimental machine with simple, generous and clean colors to be packaged in a frame structure

at different age levels, young people are active and like fashion and excitement. Therefore, the packaging color used by young people can sell well only if it conforms to their visual beauty. Because young people are in the stage of publicity, they like to pursue new and unique color style packaging, just like fresh spring, with bright colors everywhere. Teenagers and children like bright, saturated and simple colors. Children's products packaging often uses interesting cartoon images and bright colors to convey information and attract children and parents. Of course, children's products should choose lively and bright colors. For example, Japan's Dahui industrial company mainly produced children's wardrobes at the beginning. Due to the lack of characteristics of the products, the sales were very sluggish. Later, a manager had a whim and painted the drawers of children's wardrobes into five colors respectively, and the results were very popular

people of different cultural levels also have different requirements for packaging color. Some like implicit packaging, some like exaggerated packaging, some like colorful packaging, and some like simple and bright packaging

people's purchasing power also determines their choice of different color packaging. The packaging of high-end goods, such as high-end cosmetics, handicrafts, etc., should use more elegant and noble colors, because the consumers it targets are in cities, have a certain appreciation ability, and have a good shopping environment and space. For daily consumer goods used by consumers with low purchasing power, obvious and bright colors are often used

the visual beauty of color varies from person to person in people's subjective aesthetics, and the aesthetic standard is not the only one. The ultimate goal of packaging color design is to bring different people their favorite visual beauty. Therefore, the color design of packaging must meet the visual needs of people of different ages and levels, seize their sight at the first moment, and meet their visual beauty

however, due to the physiological impact of color on human beings, it also presents the identity of visual beauty. For example, scientists have shown through experiments that human muscles and blood circulation respond to changes under different colored light irradiation. The degree of response is: blue light is the weakest, and it increases in turn as the light color changes to green, yellow, orange and red. Blue and green can slow down people's visual impact and make people feel calm, natural, healthy, peaceful and relaxed. Therefore, beverage packaging generally adopts green and blue tones, while Coca Cola packaging in the United States is unconventional and adopts bright red tones, which has exciting color psychological characteristics

this feature of color should be well grasped and applied to packaging design

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