How to increase sales in the era of low profit of

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How to increase sales in the era of low profit of agricultural machinery

it is reported that the income of the agricultural machinery industry is gradually declining. Affected by the Internet, the information of the agricultural machinery industry has become increasingly transparent, and the price comparison of purchasing machines has become more convenient. As a result, the price war in the agricultural machinery industry has become increasingly fierce. Low price competition strategy has gradually become the norm of the agricultural machinery industry. After all, the low price competition strategy is not a long-term plan. After a long price war, the most likely situation is a painstaking but thankless situation. On the 29th, the mainstream of the scrap market held steady, and the sales volume increased, but the sales profit fell instead. So, where is the sales road of agricultural machinery? How can we go further in the agricultural machinery market in the era of information transparency

how to increase sales in the era of low profit of agricultural machinery

agricultural machinery enterprises should take timely measures to cope with market changes. The meager profit era of agricultural machinery is coming. In this trend, enterprises can consider taking the following measures to promote the sales of agricultural machinery and increase sales

1. Promote sales by replacing the old with the new

the agricultural machinery industry has always carried out the sales activity of replacing the old with the new. At a time when the sales of new machines are sluggish, we can increase revenue by developing secondary businesses

2. Accurate positioning, mining production according to the manufacturer's feedback product core competitiveness

different products have different positioning, and the core competitiveness is also different

1) brand. The core competitiveness of brand products lies in brand reputation and popularity. Compared with other products, brand products are more likely to be favored and recognized by the public. Brand products mean reliable quality and good reputation. Brand products have the advantage of word-of-mouth transmission among the public

2) cost performance. Cost performance is always an indicator that users attach great importance to when purchasing agricultural machinery. Reasonable cost performance can undoubtedly increase the sales of agricultural machinery. Improving the cost performance of agricultural machinery is not equivalent to blindly practicing the low-cost strategy. The price of high-performance machinery is relatively high, and the hard truth is "one cent for one thing"

3) financial services. In the past, the national subsidy for agricultural machinery was very strong. Now, with the gradual decline of agricultural machinery subsidies, the pressure of one-time payment when individuals buy machines suddenly increases. Users' demand for loans will increase. Agricultural machinery enterprises can cooperate with financial institutions to launch financial services for agricultural machinery, and expand the scale of credit sales through financial leasing tools, so as to make profits

4) after sales maintenance. Ensure the quality of after-sales service and maintenance

3. Seize the opportunity and seize the market

4. Develop new products

5. Strengthen publicity and assume that the oil is not used correctly and has high popularity

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