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How to increase the turnover of digital printing? (3)

case studies refer to the collection, understanding, analysis and presentation of detailed information about individual participants or minorities, usually including the causes of the theme itself. As a descriptive qualitative study, the case study only discusses the selected individuals or participating groups in depth, and draws conclusions on the relevant participants or groups in the specific context applicable to the case. The structure and composition of the electronic universal testing machine. The host of the electronic universal testing machine mainly consists of a base, a workbench, a column, a lead screw, a moving beam and an upper beam. Generally speaking, researchers focus on the exploration and description of cases, know themselves and know the enemy, and recommend the best practices in the cases to relevant groups for reference and benchmark purposes. They don't deliberately find universal and general truth, and they usually don't care about looking for causality

in higher or professional education courses, case study is a common learning method to deepen the understanding and understanding of practical topics. It makes it easier for students to absorb basic theoretical knowledge, understand the flexible application of the basic operating principles of the discipline in real life, and practice relevant knowledge and laws in a changing real environment. The master of Business Administration (MBA) program emphasizes the use of case study to enhance students' practical understanding and understanding of business clubs in China. In other disciplines such as law, medicine, pharmacology, engineering, architecture, manufacturing, etc., case studies are the main driving force for the sustained and rapid development and improvement of knowledge in these professional fields, and the scope of these case studies covers all countries and regions around the world

speaking of the printing field, especially the digital printing industry with broad development space, western countries such as Europe and the United States have been committed to promoting the overall demand of the digital printing market to the momentum of ultra-high growth in the past decade. The reason for its success is that in addition to the needs of the local country's own market development, many novel and innovative applications of digital printing can be rapidly popularized, which is due to the industry participants' active exchange of digital printing application experience and experience, and unreservedly sharing their successful business cases with their peers. Some countries even organize professional groups to promote case studies and exchanges of digital printing applications, encourage industry insiders to actively submit cases and promote professionals to establish a learning atmosphere and an atmosphere of mutual imitation and common improvement. These case studies cover cross industry areas, including e-commerce, finance, catering, tourism, clothing, real estate, manufacturing, logistics, integrated services and other majors other than printing

innovative case studies create unique learning opportunities

in the field of printing, promoting the prospects and potential opportunities of digital printing is the ultimate mission of practical case studies and experience sharing. Professional research groups of digital printing application cases abroad constantly monitor the development trend and technological evolution of the industry, and share relevant information with the public through seminars, independent studies, white papers and other media. The forums regularly held by these professional institutions will provide a broad place for people to understand the changing digital printing ecosystem. They also define the development direction of the industry to ease the challenges faced by industry units in implementing the new workflow. The basic information of the case study will also help coordinate the synchronous development of hardware (such as digital printing equipment) manufacturing technology to the mainstream application of digital printing industry

practical ideas and tested best practices

as we all know, according to the past habits of sharing various industry cases in Europe and the United States, they are all case studies that focus on the real world and the exact statements of the industry's leading executives and industry end users. In the digital printing industry is no exception

digital printing experts will cite proven return on investment to give lectures on some of the most popular digital marketing material management and direct marketing cases. Participants can interact with the parties who created and implemented these successful case projects on site. The materials of the direct marketing case study provide the internal operation mode of the agency, as well as insight into how various professionals such as database, creativity and production work together effectively. The concise and clear case study enables the audience to obtain urgently needed materials to assist in the implementation of direct marketing applications when leaving the venue

the value of cases for a wide range of professionals

when digital printing is becoming a more powerful and widely used communication medium, the case sharing group shows that it can integrate strategic marketing, customer service, information technology and administration. Sharing these successful cases will provide practical information for a wider range of users and industries, including finance, insurance, medicine and other industries. Printing service provider, factory resident manager, technology supplier, business 2 Professionals of hammer handle strength test machine sales and sales, administrative directors of information technology, developers and relevant people will gain valuable knowledge from the case explanation

accumulated wealth of best practices

successful implementation cases also reflect the key trends affecting the market and indicate which applications will effectively drive the growth of digital printing business. It is essential that people in the industry understand the key applications of digital printing, so that they can correctly position their services and establish effective solutions to meet the needs of their customers

knowledge acquired through interpersonal relationships

case study promotion institutions regularly hold case exchange forums to provide an opportunity for case owners, document professionals and other industry leaders to interact in an unofficial environment, so that all participants can have free and unrestrained dialogue and exchange of ideas. All professionals who attended the forum benefited a lot and felt full of energy from the in-depth exchanges of extremely counterpart and dedicated peers. At the forum, industry elites gathered to evaluate industry standards and promote the value of digital printing

to meet the business mind and technical thinking

digital communication applications need the full cooperation of management and technical professionals, and the case study and exchange platform is designed to address the needs of both parties in this regard. For example, the content of the case seminar includes the comparison of digital printing outsourcing and outsourcing services for business decision makers, and the challenges faced by XML processes that require more technical thinking on both sides of the supply and demand. Participants can choose to observe the general trend and new products of the market from the perspective of business and technology. In addition, the review of new tools and practices will guide users on how to use these solutions to maximize returns. The case study exchange will provide clear methods for systematic analysis and application, so that users can make practical decisions based on their own needs. Through in-depth introduction of real-world applications, the application information of various industries in the case can broaden the vision of participants and inspire their new ideas

in view of the fact that the real successful cases in the industry can promote the innovation and progress of the whole industry, India Trade connect has begun to collect the internationally famous classic cases of printing practice as early as two years ago, translate them into Chinese, analyze and study them, and compile them into the "printing profit making case code", so as to share these wonderful cases with the vast number of Chinese insiders and improve each other. The completion of the current code is imminent, and we will meet with you in the near future. "Printing profit making case code" contains a large number of cases and allusions of today's digital printing, which will give readers a unique opportunity to learn the most effective methods from their peers and industry leaders to promote and sell the application of digital printing and meet the challenges of fashionable digital workflow

best practice of digital printing: not only applicable to digital printing service providers

the information contained in each case in the printing art profit making case includes the business objectives of the project, the solutions selected to achieve these objectives, the reports of other production details, and the results that make the project considered successful. This is a unique resource, and these stories in the real world provide printing service providers with a valuable vision, so that they can understand how others have successfully provided these services in the past

the case of "printing profit making case code" captures the mainstream changes that have impacted the printing and publishing industry in recent years. Although most of the cases in the 2007 "printing profit making case code" are related to the category of digital printing, summarizing the experience of these case studies involves the whole printing industry and a wider range of contact fields. In fact, everything is changing, from the kind of services you are selling to the way you sell them, and even to the people who call to sell them. This business method in the form of consultation and problem-solving is a business climate brought by the discipline of digital printing to the overall printing and publishing market

if your company is not engaged in digital printing services at present, you may think the best practices of these classic cases are not applicable to you, but in fact, they are not! Because these cases represent a new wave in the future market, and are also the only way for printing service providers to continue to be successful and profitable in the long run. The implementation method of these classic cases is laying a strategic policy that is conducive to the whole printing industry. It will also find a balance for the increasingly fierce struggle between printing and other media for the indispensable testing equipment such as physical experiments, teaching research, quality control, and ensure that printing is still a feasible business communication mode accepted by the public in the long future

provide solutions to business problems

the solution is not only a relatively complex printing project, but also a combination of strategy, service, technology and capacity to meet specific business needs. To succeed in this area, you must understand the business objectives of your customers and be able to promote to the right people in your customer organization. In one of the case studies in the book of printing profits, a digital printing enterprise streamlined the work of renewing the catalogue of its dealers for United Stationery Co., Ltd. and simplified the communication between the company and its dealers. In the first month of the project, more than 700 dealers participated in the arrangement of ordering catalogues on demand through the Internet, and sent 180000 catalogues to consumers. During this period, the response rate of consumers to dealers' personalized direct mail activities was as high as 35%. These types of results represent significant improvements in customer business processes and increase the probability of a long-term and beneficial partnership between printing service providers and United Stationery Co., Ltd

provide online ordering printing solutions

no matter where your customers and their agents and employees are, online ordering printing services can expand your geographical coverage and make them easily obtain the services you provide. In the case study of the cooperation between Shiqiao tire and its printing service provider, the key goal of the project is to make it easier for Shiqiao dealers and retailers to develop and order tire advertisements and other marketing materials. Due to the implementation of the order printing solution, the preparation time of the marketing project has also been reduced from 10 weeks to 72 hours, and the unity and integrity of Shiqiao brand have been protected. By adopting the scheme of ordering printing, it is usually easy to shorten the time of operation cycle, and realize the control of customer communication and localization

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