How to increase the excitement of the exhibition

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How to increase the excitement of the exhibition

with businesses paying more attention to the competition of public free time, consumer goods exhibitors are doing everything they can to attract a larger audience. From increasing the education and entertainment of the exhibition, to improving the company's image and even increasing parking spaces, these additional services are used to attract and serve visitors. From an informal survey for exhibitors of large and small consumer exhibitions, we can see that the merchants have put forward the following suggestions on how to increase the excitement of the exhibition, increase the number of visitors and win customer satisfaction

Jeff, President and CEO of an industrial exhibition company in Denver? Houghton, based on its experience in holding sports, household goods and lawn exhibitions, business exhibitions, motorcycle sledge exhibitions, water respirators and recreational vehicles/Camping exhibitions, put forward the following suggestions:

* we believe that most successful promotional activities are those exhibitions with obvious characteristics, that is, there must be some special unconventional characteristics to attract visitors. For example, during the recreational vehicle/Camping exhibition, we bought 600 pounds of Alaska brown bears and held a brown bear education seminar. The reason why the public participate in our exhibition is that they know that they can't see the same exhibition anywhere else

* at different entrances of the venue at the same time

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provide discount tickets, which can increase the number of spectators and avoid the on-site audience queuing up for admission. In different cities, different methods are adopted. For example, in some exhibitions, 1. As a high-tech testing equipment, we pass through food chain stores - they are in each chain. Therefore, in our work, we should try our best to avoid the above phenomenon. The stores post relevant posters of the exhibition, and then they take a commission from the income of selling tickets by agents

* in order to solve the problem of lack of parking space around the exhibition venue, in the recent exhibition, we arranged service personnel to guide the audience to the parking lot near the venue, where our parking fee was about $2 less than normal. During the two-day exhibition, we used similar vacant facilities to park more than 500 vehicles

bruce, group vice president of Reed Exhibitions? Gedwitz, from his successful experience in holding automobile and sports exhibitions, puts forward the following suggestions:

* we use an interactive way to communicate with the audience during the exhibition. For example, when holding a sports exhibition, we use a real deer on site, and then explain to the audience how to prepare meat and store it correctly

* when the auto show was held last year, we joined a high school technology competition. We asked professionals to set up some minor faults on the car, and then let these students compete who can find out the problem first. The winner is awarded a trip to New York and is eligible to participate in the national competition

* another unique promotional activity was held in the exhibition last year: students from New York School of visual arts held some practical activities with a dead yugos, such as holding a barbecue picnic with a high piano next to it, and everyone raised their glasses to celebrate. This event was held many times along with the exhibition tour, and received a lot of media attention. The Los Angeles Post published photos on the front page, and American radio also reported that they planned to place 60 huge floating dustpans. We know that such advertisements are not available for money. And the media also reminded the audience that this is a picnic in the city

Charlotte exhibition company in the southern United States specializes in activities for women, household goods and lawns, farms and Christmas. The vice president of the company has the following experience:

* when holding the women's goods exhibition in Jacksonville, we worked with local television stations to plan an event to donate clothing to the homeless. Visitors who buy suits for donation at the exhibition can enter for free. TV stations have made a lot of reports on this before, during and after the exhibition. In total, we donated about 2000 sets of clothing to the homeless

* when holding the household goods exhibition, we held a "ugly home competition" with one of the exhibitors, and the audience rushed to post photos of their kitchen, panel, bathroom and yard on the bulletin board in front of the exhibitor's booth. For a time, the flow of people surged, and the orders of exhibitors increased greatly

weatherfield is an exhibition company located in Connecticut, the United States, mainly engaged in flowers, gifts, food, yachts, recreational vehicles/camping, children's products, golf and fishing/outdoor sports exhibitions. George? Gothervez has the following opinion:

* the standard by which we measure the success of a promotion is how much public relations it generates

* keep in mind that when holding promotional activities, we must connect with the target audience of the company about the output results of the electronic universal tensile machine

* further, it has always been a relatively successful practice to hold some thematic seminars - the selected theme is the most critical, and it is not necessary to invite celebrities to make speeches

* all cater to the pleasant mood of the audience. You think that if the audience enters the exhibition hall easily and happily, their purchase interest will not be bad

* if the exhibition is held in the urban area, the parking problem of the audience must be considered. In at least four fifths of the exhibitions, we rent another space for free parking

Dennis? Smith is the vice president of an exhibition equipment production company in Portland. He participated in the holiday food/Gift Festival. He toured six cities in 1997. He put forward such suggestions:

* in order to attract our basic audience, namely women, we have carried out many children's activities and provided child care services on site. In addition, we also set up a site for children to learn how to make handicrafts

* we got some creative ideas from the International Festival Association. We want to make our exhibition a city festival. Now a lot of work is still in progress, and how to promote sales depends on the facilities of the host city. As the number of regular visitors to our exhibition increases, we also face the challenge of how to maintain the freshness of the exhibition every year

* because of the competition with shopping centers, more visitors come to purchase, we carefully decorate each exhibition to maintain the return rate of visitors. Some spectators complained about indoor air quality and interior decoration. We now spend at least a whole day in the exhibition layout, including laying red and white carpets, placing a 26 foot high Christmas tree, arranging lights, hanging flags and hanging decorations. In addition, we also set up a lounge and are considering decorating the periphery of the venue

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