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How to innovate police drones? Yunnan Police Academy held a seminar

Xinhua Kunming, November 17 in recent years, China's police unmanned aerial vehicles have been more and more widely used and played an important role in police, aerial photography, investigation, traffic management, border patrol, handling conflicts, security of large-scale activities, and achieved the effect of "saving police, time and effort". On the 14th, Yunnan Police Academy held a "seminar on the practical application and innovative development of police unmanned aerial vehicles", to exchange practical experience and innovative achievements of police unmanned aerial vehicles

experts in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles - Li Yingcheng, director of the Institute of Aeronautics and standards of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and director of the remote sensing engineering technology center of the Chinese Academy of Surveying and mapping, and Yang Zhongqing, vice president of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Research Institute of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, He made keynote speeches on "unmanned China and Malaysia decide to build a comprehensive friendly and cooperative partnership for the future, the development, supervision and future of piloted aircraft system", "the industrialized application of Surveying and mapping UAV technology" and "the application and development trend of police pilotless aircraft". Seven actual combat units including Qujing Public Security Bureau made actual combat experience exchange reports

in October 2017, the "Yunnan unmanned aerial vehicle management technology exploration and application Collaborative Innovation Center" jointly established by Yunnan Police Academy, Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department police aviation corps and Yunnan tianzhiyi company was established. The seminar emphasized that the center should assist and cooperate with the police aviation corps of Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department to carry out the training of police pilotless aircraft pilots in Yunnan Province; Second, Yunnan Province is located on a plateau, with long border lines, special landforms and complex climate. In combination with the outstanding characteristics of the public security organs in our province in the fields of border defense, drug control, counter-terrorism, Combating Smuggling, emergency handling and so on, we should carry out research on the standardization of the team construction and the research and development of special unmanned aerial vehicles in police practice; Third, carry out mass entrepreneurship and innovation activities for college students and cultivate a group of professionals in the management and application of unmanned aerial vehicles. We are using our professional knowledge in extrusion and thermoplastic lightweight structures; Fourth, carry out professional construction and pay attention to talent training

the seminar provided a cooperation and exchange platform for the research, application and technical personnel in the National Police unmanned aerial vehicles and related fields, unblocked the communication channels, shared experience, and customers' real disclosure practices, displayed innovative achievements, and promoted new technologies, new achievements and new tactics of police unmanned aerial vehicles. Through the discussion, the application and research of police unmanned aerial vehicles have been further strengthened, the technical cooperation and development of police unmanned aerial vehicles have been promoted, the police actual combat technology and methods of police unmanned aerial vehicles have been excavated and integrated, the professional construction of police unmanned aerial vehicles in the college has been promoted, and the level of police actual combat application has been promoted. (end)

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