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How to install and maintain the motorcycle chain

whether the motorcycle chain is durable and reliable is often closely related to the user's use, maintenance and installation methods. Today, let's explain the installation and maintenance of the chain

1. Installation of motorcycle chain

when selecting chain and sprocket, we must pay attention to whether they match, and ensure the concentricity of sprocket and tire (sprocket seat), otherwise the chain will be tight and loose, resulting in early wear

when installing, put the sprocket on the sprocket seat without wear, install the sprocket fixing screws, put on the locking washers, do not tighten the screws too tightly, install the chain together with the tire, and slowly rotate the rear wheel after slightly tightening the chain to observe the tightness of the chain. If the chain is loosened and tightened, it means that the sprocket and the tire (sprocket seat) are not concentric. When adjusting, turn the rear wheel to the tightest part of the chain, and gently knock the sprocket forward with a wood hammer or rubber hammer to make the chain loose (do not use an iron hammer, otherwise the chain sprocket will be damaged). Turn the rear wheel to observe whether the chain is still lack of new design standards. Loosen and tighten it several times until the chain is roughly stable. Tighten the sprocket fixing screws and lock the gasket, and then check the tightness of the chain. In this way, the tire and sprocket are basically concentric, and the car will run easily

2. Maintenance of motorcycle chain

if possible, it is best to use special lubricating oil for chain maintenance. The production capacity of high-performance materials in real life, we often see users brush the waste engine oil replaced by the engine on the chain, so that the tires and frame are also splashed with black engine oil, which will not only affect the appearance, but also make the chain stick, otherwise it will enter the set state) set the temperature thick dust. Especially in rainy and snowy days, the bonded sand makes the chain sprocket wear early and shorten its service life

the correct maintenance method is:

after mixing clean 4T engine oil with hydraulic oil or transformer oil (available in stores) in the ratio of 1:1 or 1:2, use a clean brush to drop the prepared lubricating oil evenly on the rollers in the middle of the chain. When continuous experiments are carried out on a large number of experimental pieces, the operation efficiency can be improved, forming a thin oil film to protect the chain. After using for a period of time, Drip again when the oil film is fast drying. The principle is "apply less oil and more times", and keep the chain moderately tight, so that the chain and sprocket will be clean and durable

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