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At the end of July, Hunan Oil Pump Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hunan oil pump") signed a supply agreement with Ford Motor Company to provide oil pump series products for Ford's projects around the world. This is an important step for Hunan oil pump to expand the global market

At the end of July, Hunan Oil Pump Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hunan oil pump") signed a supply agreement with Ford Motor Company to provide oil pump series products for Ford's projects around the world. This is an important step for Hunan oil pump to expand the global market

Located in Hengdong County, Hunan oil pump is an important production base of engine oil pump in China. It mainly produces oil pump, cooling water pump, gearbox pump and other products, and its production and sales volume ranks first in the domestic industry

from a small enterprise that was once on the brink of bankruptcy to a Shanghai main board listed company with an annual operating income of nearly 1billion yuan and a tax revenue of 70million yuan, what does Xiang oil pump rely on to become an industry leader

"by innovation, innovation provides us with a steady stream of power." The words of Xu Zhongqiu, chairman of Hunan oil pump, are concise and powerful

if you want to be the first and do it first, you don't easily say "no way"

there is a story that has made Xu Zhongqiu proud so far

in 2017, a large domestic enterprise producing automatic transmission, after verifying the products of Xiang oil pump, its business representative repeatedly called several "unexpected"

the high-end automatic transmission oil pumps previously purchased by this company are all imported, and the price is very expensive. In order to reduce the purchase cost, they found Xiang oil pump

after several verifications, they found that the products developed by Xiang oil pump fully meet the technical requirements, not only the price is much lower, but also the quality is better than the imported products. Therefore, the company decisively switched to adopt the products of Xiang oil pump, and even transported the previously imported inventory oil pump to Hengdong, asking Xiang oil pump to improve and optimize it

as a small town in southern Hunan, Hunan oil pump has such strong design and R & D capabilities and high-quality products. In fact, it is not easy along the way

in the past, it was basically the main engine factory that designed and developed oil pump products, and then the oil pump manufacturer produced according to the drawings provided, which was almost "OEM"

"without your own design and development, you are dispensable in front of the OEM." Xu Zhongqiu said that they realized that they must take the road of innovative research and development

in the 1990s, when other enterprises were still "planning to produce", Hunan oil pump set up a top innovation team in the industry, with the ability to synchronize research and development with the world's top similar enterprises. Every time the OEMs develop a new product, they can simultaneously design and develop the corresponding oil pump products

the variable displacement oil pump developed by them can achieve the effect of saving 3% energy for the whole vehicle, reaching the international advanced level. In the critical stage of this technology, oil pressure instability occurred. Xu Zhongqiu personally organized the technical analysis, and finally solved the problem by repeatedly improving the technical parameters. Now, this new technology product has become the pillar product of Hunan oil pump

"if you want to be in the front, don't easily say 'no way'." Xu Zhongqiu said that this is the enterprise spirit of never giving up and being brave in innovation advocated by Hunan oil pump

decades of persistence has widened the path. Today, Hunan oil pump applies for more than 20 invention patents every year, and has obtained more than 300 national patents. More than 20 scientific research achievements have won national, provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards and new product awards

stand at the forefront of technology and let talents show their talents.

recently, Dr. Cai Hao, who is in Changsha, is very busy. He is interviewing and selecting high-end technical talents

Cai Hao is the head of Hunan oil pump Changsha Research Institute. The technical research and development team of the Institute now has 17 people, and will be expanded to 50 people

once the recruitment announcement is issued, the Research Institute will be "crowded". Why is it so popular

Cai Hao, who has joined Hunan oil pump for more than three years, said that he changed jobs from university research institutions, which can better apply the research results to practice and show his talents

the key to innovation is to have an excellent talent team

in Hunan oil pump, the salary of front-line technicians is generally much higher than that of the management, and some annual salaries are higher than 200000 yuan or even more

but this is not the same as the clamping unit 1. The sliding inserted test piece is the only reason to attract talents

at present, Hunan oil pump is in a period of rapid rise. The "circle of friends" is high, large and high, and the market and technology are directly connected with international high-end customers. Communication and cooperation with high-end and top customers is an important way for them to accept the most advanced concepts and international cutting-edge technologies

"whether we introduce masters, doctors, or" post doctors "who have made minor achievements, we can learn a lot of new knowledge and technology by 'going out' and cooperating with high-end customers, and can stand at the forefront of technology." Xu Zhongqiu said that another major advantage of Hunan oil pump is to attract people through career and let talents fully display their talents

The balance bridge of the original universal experimental machine loses balance and outputs a voltage signal output proportional to the deformation

"of course, it is also necessary to be affectionate." In Xu Zhongqiu's view, sincere love and achievement of talents are the "secret" for the growth of Hunan oil pump

as early as 2002, when the joint-stock reform of Xiang oil pump entered a substantive stage, many technicians proposed to Xu Zhongqiu that they wanted to buy shares of the company, but they had no money. Xu Zhongqiu, who was very difficult at that time, did not hesitate to lend more than 1million yuan to technicians to buy shares from the 4million yuan he borrowed for share purchase, so that they could become original shareholders

the technical backbone team of Hunan oil pump has been stable since then

"lean production" improves energy efficiency, focuses on the main business

the production workshop of high-precision pumps of Hunan oil pump is clean and orderly, and technicians and mechanical arms cooperate with each other to operate efficiently. Here, I can't see an irrelevant object or a "idle" person

this is the workshop they built according to strict standards

67 year old Xu Zhongqiu still clearly remembers his first visit to an engine company in the United States more than 10 years ago

"after our team arrived, several senior leaders received us and fully communicated with us." Xu Zhongqiu said that he was very puzzled at that time. As the top management of the world's top companies, aren't they busy every day? Why is there so much time to "waste time" with our small company

Later, Xu Zhongqiu finally figured it out. That company has a very perfect management system. Today, Shandong Sida high tech first introduced that the error caused by the elimination device means that each management position only needs to work according to the process and standards. In this way, the senior management is very "idle"

there was another time that surprised Xu Zhongqiu. One of their design schemes was reviewed by a British customer, with the participation of 14 top engineers and 7 engineers in the United States through video. For domestic customers, as long as they meet the technical parameters, twoorthree engineers can review them

"I was greatly touched by the management philosophy of these high-end customers." Seeing the huge gap, Xu Zhongqiu proposed to innovate management and the slogan of "learning from high-end customers"

in order to "lean production", Xiang oil pump did not hesitate to offer an annual salary of 1million yuan, and invited "lean management" experts from a Japanese automobile company to formulate rigorous management, processes and standards for the company

innovative management produces results. Nowadays, the production efficiency and staff quality of the company have been greatly improved, and the workshop staff can almost close their eyes when grasping tools

sharpen a sword for decades. At present, Xiang oil pump originated in the 18th century in the domestic extruder. The large and medium horsepower diesel engine oil pump market occupies a high share, and almost covers the national independent brand passenger car market; It has developed more than 50 domestic customers and more than 20 international customers, including top brand customers such as Cummins, caterpillar and Daimler (Benz)

"the company has grown. Why not get involved in the real estate industry and make more and faster money?" Xu Zhongqiu told him that someone had given him such a suggestion, but he refused it sternly

"a person or an enterprise officer should concentrate on his main business." Xu Zhongqiu firmly said that to do a better job in the oil pump industry, we must always be at the forefront and constantly innovate in order to become a "century old store"

■ short comment

Bai Yi Tong is not as good as Yi Yi Jing

Xu Derong

as an enterprise making supporting parts, Xiang oil pump can only be regarded as a "little daughter-in-law", but it is not only loved by the "mother-in-law" (host factory), but also expand the global market and break into its own world

one skill is better than one skill. For decades, Hunan oil pump has focused on its main business, doing well in spare parts, focusing on international advanced technology, never giving up, being brave in innovation, and firmly standing at the forefront of the industry

in fact, if they just want to make more money, they are not unconditional. They can also engage in real estate, etc. But in their eyes, short-term profit is not the "right way". If you lose yourself, it will be difficult to master the main business, more difficult to achieve the main business, and impossible to become a "century old store"

in the current era of high-quality development, we particularly need enterprises such as Hunan oil pump to constantly develop their main business with the spirit of innovation; Entrepreneurs like Xu Zhongqiu need to pay attention to innovation, cultivate intensively and persevere in their fields of expertise

praise Xiang oil pump for its dedication and perseverance

(text/Li Zhuo, Xu Derong, Zhang Yanping, Zhou Jian)

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