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The three development stages of non-standard automatic labeling machine

in the process of the vigorous development of China's manufacturing industry, automation has followed the trend and started hard. Today's mushrooming development trend is inseparable from the contribution of packaging machinery, especially the progress of labeling machine in packaging machinery. The course of labeling machine reflects the progress of automation. From the beginning, it simply imitates foreign products and technologies to carry out semi-automatic design, to later fully automated design, and then to now humanized automation

in this process, we not only blindly copy foreign technologies or products, but integrate foreign advanced technologies and domestic traditional processes to develop labeling machines suitable for the production mode of factories with Chinese characteristics. With the improvement of product quality and the reduction of costs of Chinese industrial enterprises, industrial enterprises occupy cities and territories in foreign markets, and the demand for labeling machines is growing rapidly

in general, the labeling machine has experienced three stages:

semi automated labeling machine

the so-called semi-automatic labeling machine means that the labeling machine cannot work independently and needs manual assistance, which greatly reduces the difficulty of people's work. Now we can still see the working figure of semi-automatic labeling machine. Supermarket price labeling machine is a classic semi-automatic labeling machine. The semi-automatic labeling machine is flexible, widely used and cheap. In enterprises and institutions, industrial and mining enterprises, 5. The fluctuation range of power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage; There is a broad market prospect of adopting 3D optimization design in the industry

automatic labeling machine

with the increasingly strong requirements of industrial enterprises for improving production efficiency and reducing operating costs, we have to reverse the construction period and wall chart battle. I think sharing must become a hot new word this year. With the production of large quantities of packaging products, automated enterprises have developed fully automated labeling machines, which do not need manual intervention in their labeling work, but only need technicians to maintain and manage equipment, It can cooperate with the automatic production line for automatic production

humanized labeling machine

since the beginning of 2010, fully automated labeling machines have been difficult to meet the needs of factories for automation, and humanized labeling machines have entered a golden period of development. Humanized labeling machine is mainly reflected in three aspects: 1 Humanization of vision This is reflected in the beauty of the machine. Like the iPhone, the labeling machine can not only work, but also be beautiful, with eye pleasing functions; 2. Humanized labeling opportunities for safety functions, take all possible risk factors into consideration, take preventive measures, and eliminate situations that may lead to personal injury; 3. The scalable function labeling machine is not unchanging. With the improvement of automation, expansion modules can be added to meet various application needs

we believe that with the development of technology, labeling opportunities have more and more humanized functions. The three development stages of non-standard equipment labeling machine are an epitome of the development of automation in China

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