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LANXESS provides sustainable solutions for the coating industry

on November 18, 2013, Shanghai - special chemicals group LANXESS will show its sustainable solutions for the coating industry at the 2013 China International Coating Exhibition. This exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 20 to 22. Langsheng inorganic pigment business department and material protection products business department will appear at the exhibition to show Langsheng's rich innovative product portfolio

the coating market is very important to LANXESS, which is one of the fastest-growing applications in LANXESS' special chemical business. With the deepening of urbanization, China's demand for paint products is increasing, and has become the world's largest paint producer and consumer

Langsheng inorganic pigment business department stopped the machine. Highlights

the high-quality inorganic pigments produced by Langsheng inorganic pigment business department have excellent light resistance, coloring power, color stability and weather resistance, as well as excellent dispersion

LANXESS will highlight the full range of products under bayferrox and colortherm brands. A highlight of this year's exhibition is the innovative high-quality products to be launched by the inorganic pigment business department, such as the new iron oxide red pigment prepared by Penniman red process. These high saturation iron oxide red pigments have expanded Langsheng's existing product series and consolidated Langsheng's position to serve the growing domestic and global markets in China

LANXESS is investing 55million euros to build a high-tech production facility in Ningbo, a coastal city in eastern China, for the production of new iron oxide red pigments. The designed annual capacity of the plant is 25000 tons, which meets the latest environmental protection standards, and will adopt the most advanced and truly sustainable Penniman red production process to produce high-quality iron oxide red pigments. LANXESS will sell this new red pigment to the world with its famous bayferrox brand

"we adopt the highest level of environmental protection standards to produce inorganic pigments all over the world. Of course, we will also apply this high standard in our factory in Ningbo. As the world's leading producer of synthetic iron oxide pigments, LANXESS is committed to providing sustainable solutions for all applications, including our customers in the paint and coating industry." Joerg Hellwig, head of Langsheng inorganic pigment business department, said

in addition to the red hue, LANXESS will show all its color series of iron oxide pigments, introduce sustainable innovative solutions and advanced environmental protection production processes

among them, bayferrox 303t is a manganese modified synthetic iron oxide black pigment, which is different from the traditional black iron oxide, and has low flocculation performance. Because it is modified by a certain amount of manganese oxide, it has excellent thermal stability and can maintain thermal stability at high temperatures above 500 ℃. This brand is a product of high-performance special pigments, which can meet the higher requirements of the paint and coating industry

bayferrox 645 t is a synthetic reddish brown manganese modified synthetic iron oxide. It also has excellent thermal stability and can meet the higher requirements of the paint and coating industry

colortherm yellow 10 is a synthetic iron oxide yellow pigment. It has higher thermal stability after additional inorganic surface treatment, and is specially developed for applications requiring high thermal stability, such as powder coatings and coil coatings. The product has good dispersion even in the processing process with short processing time and relatively low shear force. It is easy to decompose and diffuse, quickly reaching the final coloring intensity. This brand of pigment does not migrate, and has good light resistance and weather resistance

"China is the largest single market of iron oxide pigments in the world, and China's rapid urbanization process will continue to support the long-term growth of the coating industry. Langsheng's environmental protection is used in bacterial detection and diagnosis devices. Iron oxide pigments provide suitable solutions for many applications of our customers. In addition, our technical support can provide customized solutions for almost all applications." Yu Wenguang, global technical operation director of Langsheng inorganic pigments and vice president of inorganic pigments business department in Asia Pacific region, said

during the China International Paint exhibition, LANXESS will hold a pigment seminar entitled "sustainable science and technology to achieve low-carbon and environmental protection" for the first time at InterContinental Hotel Shanghai WorldExpo on November 22. The one-day conference will focus on the sustainable production of inorganic pigments and the global trends and development of the coating and pigment industry. LANXESS will also introduce the significant progress made in Penniman production process and LANXESS' recent important innovations in this field. About 150 Representatives from the industry, government, academia, media and associations will participate in the meeting together with Langsheng senior management and experts

highlights of LANXESS material protection products business department

LANXESS material protection products business department will display a series of biocides under its well-known multi brand defense. In addition to excellent technical services, LANXESS provides a wide range of industrial preservatives, dry film fungicides and algicides. These products can be used in coatings, polymer lotion, mineral slurries, adhesives and construction chemicals

with the rapid development of industrialization, economic activities and the booming development of construction applications brought about by the wave of urbanization, people's demand for industrial preservatives, dry film fungicides and algicides, especially high-end products that can meet increasingly stringent environmental requirements, continues to rise. The series of biocides used in Langsheng anti multi coating can fully meet these key performance requirements: low toxicity, no organic volatiles, no nail 17, zero clearing: it can manually or automatically clear aldehyde at any time for load, deformation and displacement measurement, which is environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and has good compatibility with other coating components

the preparation of multiple biocides can not only make the protected products have a good appearance, but also maintain the value of these protected products for a long time

Gu Qifeng, head of China business of LANXESS materials protection department, said, "we attach great importance to environmental protection and are committed to providing cost-effective products with high efficiency and environmental performance. Our customized solutions and technical services can help customers quickly respond to the market demand for sustainable products."


LANXESS is a leading supplier of special chemicals in the world, with a total sales of 9.1 billion euros in 2012. It has about 17500 employees worldwide and is distributed in 52 production bases in 31 countries. Langsheng's core business includes the development, production and sales of plastics, rubber, chemical intermediates and special chemicals. Langsheng has been included in the leading sustainability index Dow Jones World sustainability index (DJSI), FTSE4Good and carbon disclosure leader enterprise index (cdli)

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