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Automation in ice cream processing

in food packaging machinery, the automation technology requirements of ice cream filling machine are high. Ice cream filling machine requires that each filling station can respond quickly and act quickly: more than a dozen actions can be completed accurately in 1.5 seconds. This paper will introduce the application of servo technology, man-machine interface technology and PLC technology in ice cream filling machine

ice cream filling machine usually consists of four parts: (1) main drive part. The main drive adopts the intermittent reducer output to drive the sprocket drive and drive the conveyor plate to transport materials Station by station. The main drive motor is 2.2kW, which is controlled by delta frequency converter. The reduction ratio of the reducer is 30:1. The main motor rotates 30 times, and the reducer outputs 1 turn. The conveyor plate moves one station, and then the reducer will have an empty stroke of about 1.5 seconds, leaving each station to carry out various process actions. The frequency converter used in the main drive adopts 485 mode, adopts standard Modbus protocol and PLC communication, and changes the original mode of switching value control. This control can directly carry out start-up and stop control and speed regulation on the touch screen, as well as various state monitoring. There is no need to use analog quantity or some users often choose 3M models when their experimental space is about 2m. The external wiring only needs two shielded wires. Because all internal programming uses delta electrical products, only one read/one write two instructions are needed. Simple and stable

in food packaging machinery, the automation technology requirements of ice cream filling machine are higher

(2) filling part. The filling part consists of more than a dozen filling stations arranged in a straight line. Different stations are controlled by corresponding air valves. PLC receives the angle signal transmitted by the main drive encoder (360 lines, corresponding to a conveying cycle). PLC is the control center of the whole machine, which controls the opening and closing of the valve according to the set angle value

(3) ice cream can be divided into flat cup and egg cone. The drawing refers to the egg cone part, and the flat cup does not need to be drawn. The main function of the ice cream jacquard part is to pour the filled ice cream with beautiful cream. Jacquard control mainly controls two parts, one is that the non-stop rotating jacquard motor drives the jacquard head to rotate and pour cream, and the other is to drive the jacquard head to do the lifting movement. Changzhou 6th element material technology Co., Ltd. is part of a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of graphene powder. Most domestic manufacturers use mechanical cam structure, When the pattern needs to be changed, only the mechanical cams with different shapes can be replaced, which will greatly affect the production efficiency of the machine. Jacquard is a very important part of ice cream making. The shape of the jacquard head, the speed of the jacquard rotating motor, and the accuracy and speed of the jacquard lifting position directly affect the beauty of the pattern

in fact, the lifting part mainly controls two parameters: each section speed and each section drawing distance, that is, the unit distance and unit speed are adjustable. The jacquard rotating motor of the ice cream filling machine is composed of delta frequency converter and Delta a series servo. Eight corresponding speed and distance setting screens are displayed on the touch screen. Using the PR mode of A-Series servo, each distance is started by the combination of three switching values given by PLC to the servo, and the speed is given by communication. After adjusting the parameters of each pattern, the user can save it through the formula function of the screen, and only need to call it out next time

(4) temperature control part. There are three places for ice cream filling that need temperature control: pouring chocolate, spraying chocolate, and heat sealing. High power heating tubes and k-division thermocouples are used for temperature detection. The upper temperature limit is 300 degrees. If the PLC is used to control the temperature, the temperature detection or control module must be added. These modules are usually not cheap and need to be programmed in the host

control process analysis

1 Ensure that the electrical zero position of the host and servo is consistent with the mechanical zero position

2. The starting and closing of filling are controlled by the angle signal of the encoder and can be set on the touch screen

3. The servo follows the operation of the host, and the operation position and speed are manually adjusted on the touch screen

4. The speed of the host can be adjusted on the touch screen

5. Production counting control function

system debugging

system zero point debugging

during the initial debugging of this project, there was no change for the host machine. As a result, during the debugging, it was found that the running time of the machine was slightly longer, and the angle of the encoder corresponded to the position of the machine, resulting in cumulative deviation. For this reason, add a zero finding section to the program. When starting up, find the zero first and clear it through the signal of the encoder (interrupt acquisition). Because the zero point and the mechanical position are always corresponding, no matter how much the value is biased, the zero point of each cycle can be corrected. The servo also has the problem of position offset, so set the zero point of the servo to the highest point of the mechanical position. This zero point is found when the machine is turned on. The mechanical position corresponding to the zero point of the servo and the host is changed, so the servo immediately reversely finds the starting position corresponding to the zero point of the host after finding the zero point. This position is set on the screen according to the actual situation, during which the host is prohibited from running

host speed limit

communication connection is adopted between the host and the frequency converter. Because the servo follows the host and the speed has a multiple relationship, the host has done speed limit processing on the premise of meeting the production speed of customers


the convenient communication function between electromechanical products and better product quality can be achieved on the ice cream filling machine, which can realize the direct start/stop and speed regulation of the main drive motor and the jacquard motor on the touch screen, realize the speed follow between the servo and the main motor, and make the operation of the operator intuitive and convenient. The PR mode (internal multi-stage position mode) of DELTA servo is used to turn the customer's mechanical drawing into electrical control. The distance and speed of drawing can be adjusted by the end user on the touch screen. It makes the adjustment of customer's Jacquard pattern convenient and flexible. The production efficiency is greatly improved. (end)

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