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LANXESS introduced high-strength welded halogen-free flame-retardant polyamide 6

special chemical company LANXESS recently developed a new halogen-free flame-retardant polyamide 6, which can be used for the production of power switches such as the exclusive patent Durethan BKV 25 fn27 circuit breaker. Compared with mineral filled halogen-free flame retardant, polyamide 6 is often used in the manufacture of circuit breakers for low-voltage applications, and the high mechanical strength and thermal stability of glass fiber reinforced materials are also enhanced for the needs of many experiments (random sampling of production lines). The components made of halogen-free flame retardant polyamide 6 can effectively withstand the huge mechanical stress and high temperature peak during short circuit. "Our materials also meet the requirements of high-performance circuit breakers (rated light will burn out the component flow). This will save costs for manufacturers who produce these safety components," said Alexander radeck, a flame retardant thermoplastic expert from LANXESS's high-performance materials business department, bringing broader social and economic benefits. This material shows its advantages in circuit breakers produced by Legrand group

together with Durethan BKV 25 fn27 of phase 1 project, it can be used for circuit breakers with different performance levels. "It used to be necessary to make various parts, but now only one material is needed. Manufacturers can benefit from cost savings, such as saving warehousing and logistics processes, and better implementing centralized quality control," Reddick explained

excellent luminous resistance

in addition, according to the strict ul94v test standard of Underwriters Laboratories, the chlorine and bromine free flame retardant packaging provides polyamide with excellent fire resistance. The material is classified as V-2 for testing 0.75 mm thick samples. The test results of the luminous line of the finished product are particularly worth mentioning. In the IEC test, the best possible flammability index (glow wire flammability index) of plastic for sample materials with a thickness of less than 1 mm is 960 ° C. In addition, the high heat resistance has also passed the ISO test. After testing, the HDT value (thermal deformation temperature) is 155 ° C.

high strength welding

compared with mineral filler, polyamide 6 has another advantage of low density, isotropic shrinkage and coloring as required. Redick added, "it can use ultrasonic welding in the processing process to achieve high-strength welding."

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