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Automobile enterprises are encouraged to assemble new tire products, and the development of wide base tires ushers in the policy Dongfeng

"wide base Tubeless Radial Truck tires have been widely and successfully applied in the European and American markets, but at present, there are few vehicles suitable for use in China, only some imported special vehicles are used, and there are few transportation vehicles that really use single tires instead of double tires on ordinary roads." Wang Kexian, Secretary General of the national tire and rim Standardization Technical Committee, said in an interview recently that the recently released tire industry policy proposed to encourage automobile enterprises to assemble new tire products, improve the radial rate of domestic large passenger car and truck assembly tires, and basically realize the radial and tubeless assembly tires in 2015, which will blow east wind to the development of domestic wide base tires

low carbon economy requires emission reduction

the automotive industry is a major emitter of greenhouse gases and inhalable particulates. For every liter of gasoline consumed by cars, 2.25 kg of carbon dioxide will be emitted. It is understood that although the ownership of heavy vehicles accounts for only 5% of the total number of motor vehicles, the emissions of nitrogen oxides and inhalable particulate matter account for 74% and 85% of the total emissions of motor vehicles respectively. Therefore, from the perspective of pollution prevention and control, the control of heavy-duty vehicle emissions will be the primary task of our country in the future

hexiaomei, chief engineer of Beijing rubber industry research and Design Institute, believes that the way to reduce vehicle emissions is to adopt new energy vehicle technology, and the other is vehicle lightweight technology, which is closely related to tires. Promoting the use of wide base tires in China to replace the current dual tire use of trucks can reduce vehicle weight, achieve fuel saving, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reduce costs, and be more safe and reliable. Therefore, the wide base of truck tire is an important way of tire technology progress, and it is also an important measure for the tire industry to implement low-carbon economy

it is understood that in 2009, there were about 9million trucks in operation in China, of which 1.6 million were heavy trucks, and more than 95% of the load-bearing axles of heavy trucks were loaded with double tires, and less than 1000 special vehicles using wide base tires every year. There are many disadvantages of double tire assembly, such as complex loading and unloading process, easy mutual friction of tires during use, different inflation sizes of tires on the same axle, resulting in uneven load-bearing and wear, which not only makes tires easy to be damaged in advance, but also brings hidden dangers to the safe use of vehicles

obvious advantages in energy conservation and environmental protection

Tengjie, an engineer of Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd., introduced that the truck uses a wide base single tire to replace the ordinary twin tire, which has a significant effect of energy conservation and environmental protection. First, the cost is low. As the mass of tires and rims is reduced, the mass of the whole vehicle can be reduced and the consumption of raw materials such as rubber and steel can be reduced. Take 445/65r22.5 instead of 12r22.5 as an example, the weight of tire is reduced by about 26%, and the weight of rim is reduced by about 38%. Second, low energy consumption. The operation time and water, electricity, steam and other costs of producing a wide base tire in a tire factory are equivalent to those of producing an ordinary tire, greatly reducing the relative energy consumption of production. Third, high production efficiency. The forming and vulcanization time of wide base tires is equivalent to that of ordinary tires. The production of one wide base tire is equivalent to the production of two ordinary tires, and the efficiency is doubled. Fourth, energy conservation and environmental protection. Wide base tires have low rolling resistance, which can reduce fuel consumption and vehicle exhaust emissions; The driving surface is widened, the tire wear is uniform, the service life is increased, and the generation of waste tires is reduced; Increase the times of retreading, extend the service life of tires, and meet the requirements of circular economy

Randy Clark, vice president of Michelin USA, said that using wide base tires, a group of tractor head and trailer combinations can reduce weight by up to 400 kg and save fuel by 6% - 10%. In addition, because the wide base tire has a wider grounding mark, the vehicle can be generally divided into three areas: namely, the fatigue source (the core source of fatigue cracks); Fatigue crack growth zone (during the expansion process, a concentric shell shape is left. The damage degree of the vehicle to the road surface.

Professor Chen Zhihong of Beijing rubber industry research and Design Institute believes that in addition to the above advantages, wide base tires can also reduce tire heat generation and have outstanding advantages for high-speed and long-distance driving; the internal pressure retention rate of tires is high, which is conducive to improving driving safety; it is convenient to repair, which does not affect transportation efficiency; improve vehicle handling stability; reduce Occupy less space, so that the screw and traction line speed can be reflected by the corresponding instruments on the console to increase the compartment space; The number of tires and rims is reduced, the inventory is reduced, and the maintenance cost is reduced

the development of domestic market sprouts

at present, the flattening development of truck tires to tubeless has become a trend in Europe and the United States, but domestic truck tires with tubes still account for more than 70% of the market share. Tan Yukun, Deputy Secretary General of the tire branch of China Rubber Industry Association, told that at present, wide base tires are rarely used in China, and only more than 10 enterprises can produce them. In 2009, the output of 65 series old generation wide base tires was 940000, and the output of 55, 50 and 45 series new generation wide base tires was only 45000, which are basically used for export

in recent years, with the continuous improvement of domestic highway construction and the increasingly standardized transportation market, the trend of tubeless replacing tubeless has become more and more obvious, and the tubeless utilization rate of medium and long-distance freight vehicles in some regions has been close to 50%. Driven by the European and American markets, the domestic market has begun to recognize the motorcycle chain tensile testing machine technology introduction to wide base tires. Domestic automobile manufacturers and transportation units have also begun to be interested in the research and development of single tire instead of double tire transportation vehicles, and have exchanges with tire manufacturers to explore the possibility of product cooperation

Meng Qiu, deputy investigator of the road transportation department of the Ministry of transport, believes that there are still some problems in the application of wide base tires, such as: there are few wide tire manufacturers, few brands, high prices, and small after-sales service coverage; At present, the problem of overload transportation still exists in China, and there is still resistance to the promotion of wide base tires; Standards and regulations are not matched. However, she also said that under the premise of improving relevant standards and regulations, and on the basis of the synchronous development of vehicle, tire, wheel and other related technologies and production conditions, the application of wide-based tires in transportation vehicles will be scientific and feasible

Chen Zhihong suggested that the promotion of wide base tires should start with truck tires, of which the attention, attention and support of the automotive sector are crucial. Automobile manufacturing enterprises should pay attention to the transformation of large truck chassis; Rim manufacturers should speed up the production of wide base rims with high quality and low price; Tire enterprises should speed up the adjustment of product structure and improve the production equipment and new materials for producing wide base tires. Chen Zhihong said that the release of the tire industry policy will promote automobile factories to choose Tubeless Radial Tires and wide base tires. As long as there is demand in the market, tire enterprises now have the conditions to produce wide base tires

Gan Xiaozhen, a senior engineer of Dongfeng commercial vehicle technology center, believes that the current application of wide-based tires is mainly limited by cost, supply and other aspects. However, with the rapid development of domestic logistics industry, the application of wide-based tires in lightweight tractors has begun to be favored by many large logistics companies. In the next five years, the application of wide base tires will be greatly improved

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