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Langsheng Wuxi engineering plastics factory will expand its capacity

recently, Langsheng semi crystalline products business department has set a new milestone: its cumulative output of engineering plastics produced in Wuxi factory has exceeded 100000 tons. The plant was put into operation in January 2007. It provides Durethan (polyamide 6 and 66) and pocan (polybutylene terephthalate and its mixture) products for the entire Asia Pacific region

LANXESS also recently announced that it plans to increase the engineering plastic production capacity of Wuxi factory by 50% in mid-2011, reaching about 60000 tons/year. It is understood that Wuxi engineering plastics factory is the cornerstone of Langsheng's strategic development, by which Langsheng has become one of the leading suppliers of polyamide and polybutylene terephthalate plastics in the prosperous Chinese market, especially with stable and reliable performance. In addition to the engineering plastics factory, LANXESS has also invested heavily in Wuxi in recent years to expand its technical services and marketing organization, including the establishment of a research and development testing center to carry out a large number of material tests, so as to speed up the development of new products of Durethan and pocan

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