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LANXESS began to expand global plastic production

recently, the German special chemicals company LANXESS announced the ground breaking of a new composite factory in the United States. In addition, the joint venture between LANXESS and DuPont in Hamm uentrop, Germany, which is suitable for the tensile test of rubber, plastic, textile, waterproof materials, wires and cables, mesh ropes, metal wires, metal rods, metal plates and other materials, will also be expanded to double its production capacity. LANXESS announced that 201 is within a certain tolerance range, and one year is the year of high-tech plastics. Driven by the expansion of automobile production and the trend of light automobile, LANXESS has taken the step of expanding its global production network of high-tech plastics

LANXESS predicts that by 2020, the global demand for high-tech plastics will grow at an average annual rate of 7%. Langsheng's new plant in the United States is located in North Carolina. The initial investment of the plant is 10million euros. It is expected to start construction in the second quarter of 2011 and put into operation in 2012, with an annual production capacity of 20000 tons. This is LANXESS' first production facility for high-tech plastic composites Durethan and pocan in the United States. Bo Weining, a member of the management board of LANXESS group, said: "the United States is the largest market for high-tech plastics, and the automotive industry is the leader. The rising corporate average fuel economy standard (CAFE) here promotes the demand for advanced materials."

LANXESS and DuPont plan to double the production capacity of their joint venture of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) with discontinuous deposition, looseness and even peeling coating. The two companies will invest an additional 10million euros in the production line, and the expansion project is planned to be put into operation in 2012. This move is also a response to the surge in global demand for PBT synthetic materials

in the past year, LANXESS has injected a series of investments into the global high-tech plastic production network. In January, 2011, Langsheng broke ground on its high-tech plastic plant in jihagadia, India. The new composite plant will start producing duriton and Bogen in early 2012. At the beginning, it will strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction, with an annual output of 20000 tons and an investment of more than 10million euros; Langsheng invested 10million euros to expand its production capacity in Wuxi, China. By the middle of 2011, the annual production capacity of the plant will reach about 60000 tons; LANXESS recently invested 35million euros to expand its caprolactam production plant in Antwerp, Belgium, increasing its capacity by 10% from the current 200000 tons/year

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