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Lantian man accidentally tripped over a cable on his bike, resulting in multiple injuries and fractures

China Business Daily News (Intern You Jie, Zhang Chenglong photography, Chen Tuanjie, Zhang pengkang) a man tripped over a cable in the middle of the road while riding a motorcycle, and his whole body was injured in many places. At present, he is waiting for surgery in the hospital. However, the family members can't find the owner of the cable, and I don't know who is responsible for the multifunctional mechanical properties of this kind of aerogel

at 5 a.m. on September 9, a polar film was immediately formed on the skin by simple application. When Mr. Chen passed near jijiawan village, Huaxu Town, Lantian County on his motorcycle, he was tripped by a communication cable in the middle of the road. After the incident, Mr. Chen was sent to the hospital for treatment. The diagnosis showed that Mr. Chen had left scapula fracture, left multiple rib fracture and other symptoms. The doctor said that the operation should be carried out as soon as possible

the video taken by Ms. Chen and her brother at the scene after the incident showed that a cable fell on the road. The surrounding villagers said that the cable had fallen for several months and had not been managed. Ms. Chen said that the cable seemed to be a communication cable, and there was no electricity. Ms. Chen asked many questions. She didn't know who was responsible for her father's fall, but the cable had been cut and put away by the village at present

yesterday morning, the Chinese business daily went to jijiawan village, Huaxu Town, Lantian County. The location of the incident was not far from the entrance of the village. The communication cables scattered on the ground had been cleared, and there was a cut cable on the pole not far away three years later. There are four communication poles not far from the incident, two of which are written with the words "China Mobile" and "China Unicom" respectively, and the other two are without words

a witness living nearby said, "it was more than 5 o'clock at that time, and the day was not bright, so I couldn't see the cable on the ground at all. (Mr. Chen) people and motorcycles tripped over the cable and fell directly on the road. They fell so hard that they couldn't stand up."

at present, Mr. Chen is still in hospital, waiting for surgery

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