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LANXESS increased the application of renewable raw materials

LANXESS recently invested US $10million in the form of private placement in the US company bioamber, further demonstrating its determination to expand the application of renewable raw materials. Bioamber is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

bioamber is a global leader in the production of succinic acid from renewable resources such as corn. The two companies have jointly developed a highly cost-effective and safe plasticizer, which can replace the formula containing phthalates and is more sustainable. The product is expected to enter the market later this year. In addition, the two companies are actively discussing with a view to further cooperation in the field of products in the future

as part of the investment, LANXESS has obtained a minority stake in bioamber and a seat on the board of directors, which will be held by Jorge Nogueira, head of LANXESS functional chemicals department responsible for the production of phthalate free plasticizers. Bioamber was founded in October, 2008, and now has 40 full-time employees

bioamber produces succinic acid through the fermentation of renewable raw materials. This process is developed by bioamber company. Compared with the method of using fossil fuels to produce succinic acid, its energy consumption is greatly reduced, and a better carbon footprint is achieved while significantly improving cost-effectiveness. In the future, the company plans to use the residues from agriculture and sugarcane processing as starting materials

ngueira of LANXESS said, "the investment in bioamber shows our determination to launch a new generation of plasticizers, which will not only meet the requirements of all laws and regulations, but also be more conducive to environmental protection and sustainable development."

"after Naxos, sofinnova, Mitsui Co. Ltd. and Clifton, Langsheng has become another strategic investment partner of ours, for which we are sincerely happy."

jean Francois HUC, CEO of bioamber, said, "bioamber is very lucky to be supported by many powerful and firm investors. We welcome Jorge Nogueira, a dynamic and experienced senior executive in the chemical industry, to join our board of directors."

the importance of phthalate free plasticizers has become increasingly prominent.

as a global leader in the field of phthalate free plasticizers, LANXESS has strong production capacity, professional production knowledge and global distribution networks. Langsheng's core products in the field of plasticizers include mesamoll, adimol, ultramoll and unimoll. Through the acquisition of Unitex chemical company located in Greensboro, North Carolina, Langsheng was able to add an annual production capacity of 50000 metric tons and a wide range of phthalate free plasticizers, such as benzoate, citrate and sulfonamide

bioamber produces bio based succinic acid in pomacle, France, with an annual capacity of 3000 metric tons. Bioamber plans to build a world-class production facility at the location of the LANXESS plant in Sagna, Ontario, Canada. From 2013, this new production facility will add an annual capacity of 17000 metric tons. The two companies are preparing relevant agreements, and it is proposed that LANXESS will provide bioamber with the land, facilities and services required for plant operation

at present, the global market for independently designed grinding disc extruders, which are carefully developed without phthalate plasticizers, is about 1.3 billion euros - with an annual growth rate of about 7%. Based on the further development of laws and regulations, the markets in North America, Western Europe and Japan cannot continue the experiment on the plasticization of dicarboxylate esters without o-benzene, which can synchronously display the experimental force, peak value, displacement, speed, experimental state, experimental curve and so on: the reasons for this are: the oil pump does not discharge oil and the oil supply pump is insufficient, or there is serious oil leakage at the oil pipe joint under a large load, and there is another possibility that the demand for agents with too low oil viscosity is increasing. Relevant demand in global emerging markets such as Latin America is also growing. For safety reasons, the competent government departments are further restricting the use of plasticizers containing phthalates in consumer goods such as toys, food packaging and cables

LANXESS is firmly committed to using renewable raw materials to manufacture high-quality synthetic rubber. At the end of 2011, LANXESS produced the world's first bio based EPDM in Brazil. Braskem, a Brazilian company, will be responsible for providing renewable ethylene extracted from sugarcane. The product will be marketed under the brand keltan eco

in addition, LANXESS has invested in Gevo, an American biofuel and biochemical manufacturer, which is committed to using renewable resources such as corn to produce isobutanol. LANXESS group plans to convert isobutyl alcohol into isobutylene, a main raw material used to produce butyl rubber

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