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Lanneng CSP technology led the "color matching lighting"

in early March, a "innovative CSP soft light technology home new product release" of lanneng lighting rushed to forward in various circles of friends, and formed a hot wave of attention. In the first quarter of 2017, when the economy was down, the industry was depressed and the products were homogeneous, the launch of this new product "shocked" the circle and market of lighting

some people doubt, some people wait and see, but more industry experts and lanneng dealers hold a positive and supportive attitude. To this end, an exclusive interview with Mr. Deng Chaohua, chairman of Guangdong lanneng group, made an in-depth discussion on the technical advantages of lanneng in CSP, its strategic layout, and whether it can use CSP to redefine the light quality and light culture of home lighting

lanneng pays attention to the style and price with the ambition and strength of technological innovation and transformation channels

"mainstream", Lanneng is focusing on "light experience"

"just three days after the new product release page was sent out, it received praise from more than 3000 dealers, with an order amount of more than 10million yuan. This is the market's recognition of CSP's high-quality lighting products, and also the affirmation of lanneng, as an old brand enterprise, for daring to redefine the light culture from technological innovation." Deng Chaohua, chairman of Guangdong lanneng group, demonstrated the success of CSP's new product launch with sales data

two days after the release of lanneng, it caused heated discussion on this bold move in the circle of senior lighting and semiconductor technology experts on both sides of the Strait. Many experts formed a consensus for this reason: "this is the first brand enterprise willing to apply CSP technology to lighting and terminals, which is of epoch-making significance."

in fact, this "innovative CSP soft light technology home new product release" is far from a simple announcement. It is a cross generational work of the lighting industry

the CSP heavyweight event in the domestic lighting industry in 2015 was that Guangdong lanneng group controlled stereoscopic optoelectronics company, and Deng Chaohua served as the chairman of the company, becoming the first lighting brand in the industry to integrate CSP advanced packaging technology. In one year in 2016, stereo optoelectronics completed the core technology construction and mass production of CSP, from the breakthrough of CSP light efficiency, the accumulation and improvement of many key technologies, such as precise packaging, hot pressing film, uniform cutting, to lamp application

it is understood that the LED household products of lanneng CSP soft light technology give full play to the advantages of CSP led in terms of dual color temperature application, such as small volume, stable color temperature and uniform light mixing. Compared with traditional experimental methods, the fatigue tester for the thickness of fluorescent film and the concentration of phosphor has many advantages, using Japanese original technology and production control methods. Therefore, the color mixing is very accurate. After being manufactured into lamp products, it can be adjusted to the three color temperature of CSP, The performance is more consistent and stable, the light color is pure, full, mellow and natural. "When most factories are paying attention to external conditions such as style, pattern, marketing method and crowd tactics, I think brand enterprises should pay more attention to deeper technological innovation such as light quality, light culture, light demand and light intelligence." Chairman Deng Chaohua said in an interview

5000 times stability + more efficient and flexible "light quality"

the positive trends of industrial giants and brand enterprises are a significant wind vane

let's first popularize a concept, CSP's so-called "chip level packaging", in fact, the correct solution is to use a special flip chip LED chip, directly seal and solder to the pad at the bottom of the package, in the absence of gold wire, no bracket, optimize the production process, plus special fluorescent mold technology, This makes led bead packaging size company general manager Liang Xiaoli said that it is close to LED chip, so it is called CSP packaging. CSP is less than 1/4 of the traditional LED package size, which can provide higher power density, lower thermal resistance and better consistent light color, so that it has high cost performance, high application design flexibility, and can be widely used in various lighting fields. It provides an efficient, high light quality and more economical application solution for the specific utilization of LED production to the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain in industrial production

"another key advantage is consistent stability. Our CSP can achieve 5000 one-time hot pressing, which is thousands of times more stable than the traditional single lamp bead packaging technology." Chairman Deng Chaohua added

let's take a look at the rapid layout progress of led international giants in CSP. If you pay attention to the trends of Samsung, Seoul, Londa, Toshiba, Jingyuan, San'an, Philips and other giants in recent years, or have participated in nearly three consecutive Guangya exhibitions, you will find that CSP packaging has been on major booths and public opinion outlets, and the first-line brands in the LED industry chain at home and abroad are interested in this technology, and continue to invest in the research and development of new products, with a posture of being ready to go

"this is our biggest chip and our confidence to vigorously promote CSP Technology in home lighting channel terminals." Deng Chaohua, who is the chairman of laneng group and stereoscopic optoelectronics "dual materials", said categorically that the integration of laneng group and stereoscopic optoelectronics, on the one hand, can master the latest CSP technology and applications, on the other hand, it is conducive to the stability and cost performance of LED lighting products, and on the other hand, it is conducive to breaking through the previous profit model, jointly building a new resource efficiency model of win-win cooperation, and achieving the effect of 1+1 2

csp is more than soft light, There are also "Pratt & Whitney" and "smart light"

"the CSP process and technology of stereoscopic optoelectronics have been quite mature. Once introduced into the lighting field, especially the household lighting field with the largest number of users and production and sales, it will realize large-scale industrialization, and the cost can be reduced rapidly, which will be greatly conducive to the popularization and application of this technology. The maturity of the technology will reduce the whole manufacturing cost, and the low price and good quality will be conducive to the popularization of new technologies." Deng Dong believes that CSP has three large-scale tangency points in the lighting application end: light source, commercial lighting and home

although langneng still focuses on circulation led household products, its understanding and practice of future keywords such as personality, system and wisdom are not out of date at all

"at present, mainstream consumers post-80s and 90s have diverse and personalized needs for products; at the same time, more and more intelligent products enter consumers' homes, and smart home is no longer a luxury in the high-end consumer market. Moreover, the effects of natural light and emotional light, combined with smart systems, can get a better experience, which is also another revolutionary combination of CSP front-end and back-end application technology." Deng Chaohua, chairman of lanneng lighting, said that at present, the CSP three-color dimming launched by lanneng is mainly realized by combining switches and remote controls. In the next step, it will also be connected with, voice, home and other series to create an overall solution

according to statistical data, the global LED smart lighting market was US $2.35 billion in 2016 and US $13.427 billion in 2020, which is the market with the most development potential in special commercial lighting applications

first tier brands are taking the coordination between people and the environment as the starting point, actively exploring the use needs of customers, making the organic integration of general lighting and situational lighting, and realizing the coordinated development of people and the environment, so as to create a new era of lighting applications with integration, intelligence and energy saving as the core

"confusion is the same feeling of most manufacturers, but it is also a good time for brand enterprises with technology precipitation to break through." Deng Chaohua, chairman of lanneng lighting, decided to judge the LED market in the period of scuffle. "Therefore, we have been cultivating channels based on the principle of brand. After internal and external integration and Optimization in 2015 and 2016, I firmly believe that lanneng led home channel will have a new scene in 2017."

talking about the annual goal after the launch of "innovative CSP soft light technology new home products", Chairman Deng Chaohua is more pragmatic: "this year, we have mainly formulated different strategic goals for four quarters. The first quarter is the basic stage of product release and channel recognition, the second quarter is the traditional peak season and Guangya Exhibition to gradually detonate the concept of csp= quality light + natural light, and the third and fourth quarters are the deep-seated channel penetration stage."

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