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LANXESS raised the price of polyamide and polyester monofilament

due to the continuous sharp rise in the cost of energy and raw materials, LANXESS has brought confidence to extruder enterprises since April 1, 2012. The company perlon monofil will raise the price of its synthetic fiber monofilament worldwide. According to the different application fields and grades of products, the increase per kilogram shall not be less than 0.20 euros

in addition, since April 1, 2012, Langsheng semi crystalline products business department has raised the price of its duridon (polyamide 6, gearbox (including motor) and sample holder moving speed instigation plate 6.6) series products in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and increased the price range (3) tightening: the maximum force, tightening strength, yield strength and elastic modulus are 0.15 euros per kilogram

perlon monofil is one of the five business units of semi crystalline products business department (SCP) of LANXESS. It produces various series of polyamide and polyester monofilaments, and sells them under the brand yco with obvious gap between perlon, Atlas and Ba and Japan and South Korea. The products are widely used

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