Automation scheme of the hottest printing industry

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Automation scheme for the printing industry

solema is headquartered in pedrengo, Italy, only a few kilometers away from Bergamo. The company specializes in producing printing machinery

"within 25 years, our production began in the transportation system of the printing and binding industry. Soon, we began to produce special-purpose machinery," said Marco maraglino, software manager of Solema. "The technology we have acquired enables us to design, produce and develop machinery and build factories to meet the requirements of every customer."

one example of Solema's investment in standard machinery of customized chemical plants is pluton, which is used for palletizing products in various professional fields in the binding factory. At the same time, fast book is an automatic sewing machine, which can provide various kinds of application software such as hardcover book series, perfect loose leaf cover and spine gluing machine. Solema's machinery does not directly produce books or other printed products, but processes books or other printed products. They stack, move and even delay their time from one line station to another, which makes the products fully dry in a limited space

"when we start to produce large machinery such as complex stacker and stack memory with multiple output paths, we have taken a big step forward." Maraglino explained. "Today, 70% of our products are exported all over the world. Our member companies in the United States handle sales and service projects. In other parts of the world, we also have business partners." About 70 employees now work in Solema. "We are different because we have developed customized solutions," maraglino explained. "Due to the wide product portfolio available to us, with the continuous improvement of production technology, we can try to use factors such as slow production speed and high price to perplex the development of thermoplastic composites and use standard machinery to implement the scheme". For this reason, Solema's stacker and pallet machine are regarded as standard machinery suitable for customization environment. This is undoubtedly very beneficial, especially for large companies that need extremely high-precision measurement "cutting"

"what are our service advantages? The first is mobility and reliability," maraglino said. "There are many other companies that produce machines similar to ours, but our industrial knowledge, past research and development programs, our relatively comprehensive capabilities and a very broad (always updated) market portfolio are unique in the market."

mature automation

is composed of the most advanced machine made by Solema - the new pluton palletizer, which is composed of several synchronous shafts that require the rapid and accurate movement of conveyor belts, cranes and translation trays. In some cases, a fast crane with a bearing capacity of 1.5 tons is also required. This represents the standard maximum capacity of these pallets. In this case, it is necessary to introduce a brushless motor controlled by a single driver. B&r's acopos family meets these drive needs. "These machines have a maximum of nine synchronization axes. We started using the Ethernet Powerlink network about a year ago and are very satisfied with it," maraglino said. "This is mainly because it is easy to implement and provide a very neat connection, and long cables can be used without causing any conflict. When we have to deal with so many shafts, even before they are inserted, a total of 305 entries in 24 categories will have very short communication. With Ethernet Powerlink, we can get timely command execution and shaft response."

in X67 system, Solema most appreciates the diagnosis stage, because there will be a signal near the sensor to inform the operator that the sensor is performing the type of activity

large machinery uses b&r power panel equipment with integrated CPU and remote can bus system as the operator panel. "Can bus technology enables us to synchronously process line instructions, which are particularly important in special cases," maraglino explained. "For example, if a magazine or paper is treated as a" fish scale ", that is, the upper one is slightly tilted with the next one, and the position between the two fish scales is fixed. A fieldbus system is the only line that controls the whole line, which can gradually reduce the speed and restart it completely or partially. "

perfect integration

due to historical reasons, Solema still uses automation components from other manufacturers in its machinery. These products coexist with b&r products without conflict. "It is difficult to find automation products that are more affordable and have better performance than b&r products," maraglino stressed. "The fact that we still use them after many years shows that we are very satisfied. Different solutions require complex project transplantation, which makes our machinery very expensive and will make us lose competitiveness in the market."

"with the efficiency of b&r products, and more importantly, the friendly relationship we have established with each other, we can use the most advanced products in time by integrating different solutions." (end)

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