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LANXESS will explore the path of sustainable science and technology to achieve low-carbon environmental protection.

LANXESS, the world's leading iron oxide pigment manufacturer, will hold the first pigment seminar in Shanghai on November 22, 2013, with the theme of sustainable science and technology to achieve low-carbon environmental protection. This seminar coincides with the China International Paint exhibition

The one-day seminar will focus on the sustainable production of inorganic pigments and global trends in the paint and pigment industry. LANXESS will also share its significant progress and innovation in the production technology of iron oxide red Penniman. At that time, about 150 Representatives from the industry, academia, media and industry associations will participate in the meeting together with Langsheng executives and experts, because the air is transferred in an independent space. At the beginning of the seminar, celebrities will discuss the latest information and development trends of sustainable technologies, followed by panel discussions and meetings

this symposium provides an excellent opportunity for industry experts and peers to discuss the most advanced pigment technology and its applications

Many graphene production enterprises have carried out relevant product sales

we attach great importance to sustainable products and production processes, which are the key to sustainable success for LANXESS, our partners and customers. After 87 years of efforts, LANXESS has been in the leading position in developing environmentally friendly pigment production processes. Generally, the carbonization temperature of MOF materials needs to exceed 500 degrees Celsius. He Weike, head of Langsheng inorganic pigment business department, said

Langsheng is building a new high-quality iron oxide red pigment factory in Ningbo, China. The factory will adopt the most advanced production technology to optimize water treatment and waste gas purification. The plant has extremely high energy efficiency, which can meet or even exceed the highest environmental protection standards. The initial capacity of the plant is 25000 tons

LANXESS adopts the most advanced international environmental protection standards in its production plants all over the world. Take Langsheng's industrial Langsheng plant in Jinshan, Shanghai, which has a total investment of more than 300million euros in Antwerp as an example. With advanced technology, the plant can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1333 tons per year and save 290000 tons of industrial water

LANXESS' bayferrox and other inorganic pigment products are not only environmentally friendly, but also harmless to human body. They are the first choice of environmentally friendly coloring materials. He Weike added

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