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Langsheng weapon Pu R & D center will be stationed in Qingdao Rubber valley. It is reported that the rubber Valley plans to cover an area of 3000 mu with an investment of 10billion yuan, which has been included in Qingdao's 12th Five Year Plan. It is planned to be completed within five years, and it is expected to achieve a transaction volume of 100billion yuan in the future. At present, the rubber trading hall of rubber Valley phase I has been built, and the drop hammer impact testing machine and non-metallic impact testing machine are planned to be put into use in June

in the plan, the rubber Valley includes all kinds of enterprise clusters, such as chemical raw materials, natural rubber and other manufacturing and modeling enterprises, as well as smart aluminum lithium alloy such as technology research, engineering design, industry associations, entrepreneurship incubation, etc., which has become a smart enterprise of key structural materials for the new generation of aircraft; It also includes intermediary institutions such as banks, investment, guarantee, translation, property rights trading, entrepreneurship counseling, logistics, property management, lawyers, accountants, talent headhunters, advertising planning, etc

now, Langsheng, a chemical giant, is optimistic about its talent advantages and decides to settle down its R & D center in the rubber valley. In addition, projects such as the national tire process and control engineering technology research center, the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of education for rubber and plastic materials and engineering, and the polyurethane engineering technology R & D center of China North Industries Group have also decided to settle down

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