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In daily life, "good products" are constantly legendary

?????????????????????????????????? In daily life, "good products" are constantly legendary. But there is often a case that the "good product" he said is not necessarily the "good product" you think; People sometimes don't agree with what you call a "good product". Just like "a thousand readers, there are a thousand Hamlets", everyone has different needs, and the value scale of product judgment is naturally different

"good product" in most cases is only the result of perceptual cognition, without specific representation and explanation. It is only in everyone's conjecture and imagination, which is also the main factor that forms the psychological gap. In fact, "good products" can be divided into specific product concepts and forms

division of good product positioning:

in the door and window industry, it is more important to clearly convey the product concept and form to users, so that users can make a clearer choice and judgment - "good product" in his mind. According to the industry experience of Xiaobian, good products will be divided into several levels (on the basis of good products): demand products, belonging products, value realization products, and respect products

good products are also like pyramids, which fully meet the needs of different users:

● demand products: because the house is lack of doors and windows for decoration, just a door and window is suitable, and it can shelter from the wind and rain. This is also the "good product" in the mouth of people in this demand

● belonging products: due to the requirements of house decoration style and pattern, doors and windows customized according to the requirements of the house are also good products for people who can meet these requirements

● value realization products: making money is to enjoy life, and in order to improve the quality of life, it shows that my efforts are rewarding

● respect products: life is second, and more importantly, it is a symbol of identity, a door and window that can fully reflect your identity

Roland Sini clearly positioned the concept of "good product", realized your personal value on the basis of belonging to the product, and fully reflected your personal identity while respecting your personal will

however, the "good product" ultimately depends on human nature, but ultimately it must be implemented to the specific. Roland Sini is above the specific, and achieves:

● meet user needs, focusing on "quality"

● clarify user value, focusing on "products"

● respect users, focusing on "service"

therefore, "good products" live in others' mouths and stay in their own hearts, which ultimately comes down to the brand products themselves. As the saying goes, "what suits you is suitable!"





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