Idyllic Mediterranean skillfully mixed with beauti

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The panoramic view of the living room shows a set of Mediterranean style leather sofas. All sofas in the living room are full of pastoral style. The two styles complement each other and combine perfectly

in the center of the living room, there is a white carved TV cabinet, which is decorated in an idyllic style. The background wall is decorated with idyllic wallpaper, and the widescreen 30 inch LCD embedded TV

table with a slightly retro style. The choice of floor can consider monochrome, simple and neat straight grain small patterns or fashionable and avant-garde artificial design with obvious traces

in the kitchen, classical style chandeliers are matched with decorative paintings of different colors on the walls, which are harmonious and prominent. Sky blue arched windows, which are taken from the outside to the inside, give people a great visual impact

inside the bathroom

the bathroom cabinet is of European pastoral style

in today's furniture Kingdom, American, British and other European and American rural furniture are highly respected upstarts in recent years. Lying on a spacious and comfortable double bed can completely release the fatigue of working for a day




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