Don't order. You'll fall

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The recent weather is like playing a roller coaster. One day can experience several seasons. The clothes that were just sorted out and thrown into the storage room the night before yesterday have to be completely removed this morning. What! What an international joke

the recent weather is like playing a roller coaster

how many seasons can you experience in a day

you just sorted out the clothes you threw into the storage room the night before yesterday

you have to move them out completely this morning

what! What an international joke


when I saw it

I fell




Simple European Open cloakroom


⊙ the bright surface is made of top-grade oak, which is compact in material, beautiful in grain, and high in hardness

⊙ the cabinet is made of moisture-proof particleboard of Hebei jinsaibo, which is pressed under the hot melt pressure of 200 degrees.The formed plate has the advantages of no deformation, flat surface The combination of solid wood and solid wood particle board not only ensures the beauty of the product, but also reduces the cost and makes it more cost-effective


⊙ the details are handled with great care. The door hinge with guante logo is printed, and the sovereignty of customized products is sworn

⊙ the antique copper wire drawing handle is embedded on the milky white paint surface, with a noble and elegant temperament at a glance

⊙ the hidden drawer password lock. Enter the correct password to open the drawer, so that your valuable jewelry has a safe home


⊙ the integration of patent lines, Make the product better in ornamental. The unique eyebrow line makes your wardrobe stand out among the same products

⊙ milky white paint surface, with dust-proof ingredients added to the surface, makes the product very easy to clean, and there is no need to worry about the problem of white and dirty

⊙ the integration of corner cabinets strengthens the space utilization rate, so that every space can be fully used

⊙ well lattice, hanging clothes hanger, shoe hanger, bag rack, Interpreting the needs of humanized products everywhere

such a cloakroom that interprets the atmosphere with details, highlights luxury with refinement, repairs both inside and outside, and has five internal organs, makes you more beautiful than others in the "four seasons a day"





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