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On the morning of the 19th, Jiangsu window of people's daily.com received a report that Yamada electric appliance, located at Xinjiekou, Nanjing, was blocked by some project subcontractors who asked for the decoration project funds

it is understood that this store is the third Yamada appliance opened by Yamada electric, a Japanese home appliance chain giant, in China, and has opened in March this year. The Construction Party of the decoration project is China Jiangsu International Economic and Technological Cooperation Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Zhongjiang International). The difference between the two parties on the specific amount of the project payment led to the default in the payment process, which dragged down some subcontractors. A subcontractor surnamed Liu told reporters that it has been nearly three months since the end of the project, but they and Zhongjiang international have been unable to get the remaining project funds. Manager Feng, another subcontractor, has more than 600000 project funds that have not been settled. The workers have to go home due to busy farming and urge him all day long. Yamada has not made it clear that he has no choice but to come here to beg

Wu Jiang, general manager of Zhongjiang international, said in an interview that the company signed a decoration agreement with Yamada electric appliance last June, and the total amount of the whole project was about 120million yuan; The project payment should have been settled before the end of March, but until now, there are about 40million outstanding in Yamada. Later, during the negotiation, Yamada promised to pay off all the project funds on June 10, but the other party did not give the result until June 19

for this door blockage, Liu Song, the Nanjing store manager of Yamada electric, said that they had communicated with Zhongjiang international many times in the early stage and also paid “ A lot of money ”. However, the two sides have differences about the cost of the balance in the later period, and they are actively looking for a solution. For today's door blocking incident, Liu Song believes that there is no direct agreement between these subcontractors and Yamada bin. Moreover, this matter should have affected the normal business of Yamada. As for the project funds that are of concern to all parties, Liu Song said that the project funds will be paid. There is no doubt that they will speed up the negotiation and strive for a satisfactory solution to this matter

it is reported that the two sides agreed to conduct further consultations on June 20, and people's network Jiangsu window will continue to pay attention to the progress of this matter





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