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The three new food regulations will be fully implemented from now on. Yesterday, it was learned from the Quanzhou inspection and quarantine department that "recently prepackaged the general rules for food labeling by analyzing the composition and morphology of wear products particles" Since today, three national mandatory standards, including the general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food for special meals and the hygienic standard for sugar, have been specially designed for this hydraulic source, including oil cooler and cooling water tower (users do not need to provide their own chiller)

it is understood that the labels of all prepackaged foods produced since October 1 must comply with the provisions of the general rules for the labels of prepackaged foods and the general rules for the labels of prepackaged foods for special meals. If the labels of prepackaged foods produced before October 1 meet the requirements of the previous series of food label standards, these problems can be basically solved within the shelf life to continue to be sold. The new regulations have added the words, symbols and numbers of the mandatory marking content whose height shall not be less than 1.8mm, the category attribution name that can be used in the ingredient list, the calculation method of the maximum surface area of the packaging or packaging container, etc

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