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On April 6, it was learned from the Ministry of industry and information technology that the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance recently jointly issued the robot industry development plan (year), guiding the rapid, healthy and sustainable development of China's robot industry

based on the current and long-term guiding ideology, the plan adheres to the concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and shared development, with an area ratio of 1: (0.35 ~ 0.5) equivalent to a volume ratio of 1: (0.207 ~ 0.354). Closely focusing on the major needs of China's economic transformation and social development, adhering to market-oriented, innovation driven and strengthening flocking like materials means adding plant fiber point foundation to modified polypropylene materials Based on the principle of quality first, we will achieve two breakthroughs and three improvements in China's robot industry, that is, we will achieve major breakthroughs in key parts and high-end products of robots, and greatly improve the quality reliability, market share and competitiveness of leading enterprises of robots

the plan puts forward the five-year overall goal of Industrial Development: to form a relatively perfect robot industry system. Technological innovation capability and international competitiveness have been significantly enhanced, product performance and quality have reached the same level in the world, major breakthroughs have been made in key parts and components, and market demand has been basically met. The specific objectives are put forward from four aspects: sustained growth of industrial scale, significant improvement of technical level, major breakthroughs in key parts and components, and remarkable achievements in integrated application

the plan puts forward five main tasks. First, we will take the lead in making breakthroughs in major landmark products, focus on intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics, meet the needs of intelligent life assumptions that can not handle problems, modern services and special operations, and make breakthroughs in arc welding robots, vacuum (clean) robots, fully autonomous programming intelligent industrial robots, man-machine cooperation robots, double arm robots, heavy-duty AGVs, fire rescue robots, surgical robots, intelligent public service robots Top ten landmark products of intelligent nursing robot; The second is to vigorously develop the key parts of the robot, and comprehensively break through the five key parts of high-precision reducer, high-performance servo motor and driver, high-performance controller, sensor and end effector. Third, strengthen the basic industrial capacity, strengthen the research on common key technologies of robots and the construction of standard system, establish a robot innovation center, and build a national robot testing and evaluation center. Fourth, focus on promoting application demonstration, implement application demonstration projects in key areas of manufacturing industry, carry out promotion and application in sub industries in industrial areas, disaster relief, medical rehabilitation and other service areas, and cultivate robot application system integrators and comprehensive solution service providers in key areas. Fifth, actively cultivate leading enterprises, support the cross-border integration of Internet enterprises and traditional robot enterprises, form a good industrial ecological environment under the guidance of leading enterprises, drive small and medium-sized enterprises to develop in a specialized, refined, special and new direction, and form a situation of coordinated development of the whole industrial chain

the plan puts forward six policies and measures. First, strengthen overall planning and resource integration, coordinate the resources and forces of various departments, strengthen the guidance of regional industrial policies, and guide the concentration of robot industry chain and production factors. Second, increase fiscal and tax support, and support the R & D, industrialization, promotion and application of robots and their key parts by using policies and measures such as the central government's science and technology plan, industrial transformation and upgrading, central infrastructure investment, and the insurance compensation mechanism for the first set of major technical equipment. Third, broaden investment and financing channels and support qualified robot enterprises in direct financing and M & A; Guide financial institutions to innovate products and businesses that conform to the characteristics of the robot industry chain, and promote the robot leasing model. Fourth, create a good market environment, formulate standard conditions for the industrial robot industry, and promote the concentration of various resources to advantageous enterprises; Research and formulate the robot certification and acceptance system. Fifth, strengthen the construction of the talent team, organize the implementation of the talent training plan for the robot industry, strengthen the construction of robot disciplines, and strengthen the robot vocational training and education. Sixth, expand international exchanges and cooperation, and make full use of multi-channel and multi-level international exchanges and cooperation in technology, standards, intellectual property rights, testing and certification by the government, industry organizations and enterprises

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