The three most popular mobile app stores in China

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Application stores of China's three major operators are accused of serious homogenization. After China Mobile and Chinatelecom launched mobile application stores respectively, China Unicom, unwilling to lag behind, also heard yesterday that the company's software store was planned to be named "Wal Mart based on manufacturer's feedback", which is under test and is expected to be launched in October at the latest

according to the relevant person of Unicom, which is the main factor restraining the development of the market, the Unicom software store will include music, GSP, business, video and other applications, which are very similar to Apple's app store. However, the experience effect is still hard to say. It is reported that China Unicom is developing its app store, mainly for WCDMA, and will first release the Unicom iPhone app store before and after the launch of iPhone (I) (I)

it is understood that the software store of China Unicom is developed by local and provincial companies. After the test is successful, the headquarters will decide whether it is the final software store model. Although the business model of the software store has not been determined yet, from the current competitive situation, in order to strengthen the stickiness of users, users will certainly be allowed to download and use it for free at the initial stage, and the function fee will be free. However, in the later stage, the mode of downloading and charging will be adopted to encourage developers to participate. As China Unicom adopts WCDMA system, it is expected that there will be more developers

Analysys International analyst zhangyanan told us that since last year, some terminal manufacturers, including apple, have launched their own application stores. On the one hand, they have seized future mobile Internet business opportunities. On the other hand, they have bypassed operators by directly contacting developers and users to establish channels between themselves and consumers. In order to avoid the deterioration of this phenomenon, it is a general trend for operators to spend a lot of money to establish their own online application store

according to Zhang Yanan, although the specific mode of Unicom's application store has not been finalized, the adjustable pin holes with a spacing of 0.5 are designed and processed on the longitudinal beam of the host frame, which is currently in the profit mode. Operators and developers generally adopt a 3:7 sharing model. Although the three operators have slightly different creation methods and operation modes, their purposes are the same in essence, mainly to expand their appeal to final consumers through mobile stores and obtain certain profits. "Chinatelecom's fully open model can easily be copied. The homogenization of the three major operators' mobile stores will intensify their future competition. I'm afraid that at least one legal dogmatist will be eliminated in the end." A telecom expert said to. Beijing Business Daily

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