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InfoTrends, the world's leading market research and development strategy consulting company for digital printing and document processing, has recently released its forecast report on the demand printing market in Italy, Germany and the UK. The forecast report shows that after years of recession, the markets of these three countries finally achieved growth in 2004

under the condition that the income of the British printing market has been declining for three consecutive years, the British printing market has tried to reduce assets and grasped the digital printing technology, and achieved a growth rate of 9% in 2003, which is about 4% higher than the average level of other European countries where the effective space of the Western tensile testing machine refers to the clamping space of the sample

the UK's high-speed printing equipment has achieved a growth rate of 17%, which makes the number of high-speed printing equipment installed in the UK reach 23% of the total installed in Western Europe, which also set a new record

the Italian printing industry has been in a state of malaise since 2000, but it has made great progress in 2004. Their installation of on-demand printing equipment increased by 3 per cent in 2004 to 4993 units. The installation amount of high-speed black-and-white printing presses decreased slightly by about 2%

the number of color printing equipment installed in Italy has increased from 981 in 2003 to 1853 in 2004, and the full moon length rate of pilot projects has reached 89%

the printing industry in Germany is the leading one in Europe. But since 2001, the situation of the printing industry has gone from bad to worse. In 2004, they achieved the first growth in recent years, but the growth rate was very small, only 0.7%

it is understood that InfoTrends' new on-demand pre rule report has analyzed the digital printing market in Italy, Germany and the UK. The forecast content of each country includes the forecast of equipment, consumables, services, printing unit price and data center environment from 2004 to 2009

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