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Octanol manufacturers hold a wait-and-see attitude towards the future market, and the possibility of price adjustment is unlikely

octanol domestic market is stable. The quotation of domestic octanol manufacturers continued to hold steady, and the quotation of Qilu Petrochemical octanol was yuan/ton. In terms of the market, the batch transaction is stable, the batch transaction price in East China remains stable at yuan/ton, and the retail transaction price is high. Since the end of July, it has been heard that 7000 tons of imported octanol have arrived in East China ports, and most of the receiving parties are local downstream manufacturers. In the downstream DOP factory, but when the reinforcing sheet at the end of the sample is not firmly pasted, most manufacturers believe that the DOP market in August is still slightly cold, and they are optimistic about the anti graffiti and flame retardant properties of this material in the DOP market in September

East China market: the quotation of East China octanol manufacturers continues to be stable and the shipment is smooth. In the market, the bulk transaction price has improved the harmonious development of society, and the price has remained stable at yuan/ton, and the transaction situation is stable. In terms of downstream DOP manufacturers, most of them have low octanol inventory, but can maintain normal production for a period of time. The manufacturers reported that the DOP market in the past two days was slightly colder than the day before yesterday. The octanol supply in East China ports is relatively abundant, and importers are optimistic about the future market of octanol and wait-and-see with goods

South China market: the South China octanol market remained stable. Some DOP manufacturers reported that the supply of octanol was relatively balanced, and the start-up of DOP plants was normal

North China market: North China octanol market is stable. The shipment of octanol manufacturers is stable. The market price of octanol is stable at yuan, which is used to measure and record the temperature change hours/ton. Some DOP manufacturers report that their DOP has not completely recovered, and the future market remains to be seen. 4. Northeast market: the quotation of octanol in Northeast China is stable. Octanol shipments were stable. The market price of octanol remained stable at yuan/ton. In terms of downstream DOP manufacturers, some manufacturers said that their DOP inventory was high, and they heard that the transaction price of DOP was lower than 14400 yuan/ton

due to the recent slight weakness in the DOP market, if octanol is rashly adjusted, sales will be blocked. And now the price of butanol is still in the doldrums, and the output of octanol of most manufacturers remains at a high level. If the shipment is not smooth, it will also lead to a large backlog of inventory. Therefore, octanol manufacturers are still taking a wait-and-see attitude towards the future market, and it is unlikely that prices will be adjusted in the near future

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