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Ocean optics provides tools for improving photoelectric products

the founders of spectrometer provide an ideal product for monitoring the production and operation environment of solar control panels

at present, the products provided by ocean optics are a full set of optical sensing systems and components, including the detection of thin film performance constituting such cells, and the measurement of spectral output of solar simulator, so as to meet the growing market demand of photoelectric solar cells

ocean optics is the founder of the world's first micro fiber optical spectrometer. Its rich series of low-cost, small-size modular spectrometers and accessories can be installed in millions of UV-vis-NIR devices. In particular, users can mix and pair spectrometers and accessories to monitor the photoelectric thin films applied in the production and assembly of solar panels, and measure the spectral output of the sun and luminaries, such as solar simulators

for the production of solar cells, the spectrometer produced by ocean optics can be specially set for film thickness measurement and endpoint detection - important quality control parameters, if well managed, can help manufacturers reduce waste, eliminate unqualified products and increase production. For many manufacturers, in such a competitive market, insignificant savings or improvements in production can lead to the final result: 1. The huge difference in the results of not doing experiments for a long time

spectrometers of ocean optics, including the company's flagship usb4000 series spectrometers and the new Jaz modular sensing Kit (). After the introduction of the experiment, users can analyze the experimental structure to help monitor the absolute and relative spectral irradiance from the sun and artificial light sources (such as solar simulators). For the sun, the characteristic measurement of solar energy - solar spectral output at different wavelengths and under different conditions - can help solar system installers most effectively "adjust" (or locate) photovoltaic panels. The value of using solar simulator lies in monitoring the reliability of simulator simulating sunlight in different environments. In fact, the simulator indicates that solar panels and other components can be tested at a low price. The test tube is made of fly ash formed by sintering coal, and the main chemical composition is also quite different. It is produced by MHT mold and hot runner technology company. Therefore, whether the output of the simulator is accurate is very important

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