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Ocean film improves pixeltec patterned optical coating technology

but its good product quality continues in w+b) in order to improve its unique pixeltectm patterned optical coating technology, ocean film company expanded its facilities in Colorado, the United States. As a pioneer in lithographic optical coating printing, which has delivered more than two million accurate patterned optical coatings, ocean film has added a clean room and a special equipment to continue to explore its patent process

pixeltec optical coatings are more and more purposefully used in McEuen's construction of complex stretchable and foldable graphene structures in the fields of medicine, national defense and industry, making more and more equipment compact, durable and cost-effective. The expansion of the Colorado facility includes the addition of a 1000 type dedicated semiconductor grade clean room equipped with advanced pattern and calibration equipment and a 100 type work area. Facilities that have registered with the international arms trade regulations (Itar) and obtained ISO9001:2008 certificates can now produce more customized complex pattern coatings

pixeltec technology can cover multiple thin-film optical coatings with micron patterns on a single substrate, including:

precise patterns with sub-pixel alignment accuracy and complex features, shapes and sizes

insulating metal transparent conductive coating (ito/imito) designed for customized spectral characteristics

multiple filters arranged on a single substrate can be upgraded to mass production

"multispectral imaging and sensing is an exciting example for customers to measure the benefits of pixeltec pattern dichroic coating. It can be equipped with real-time customized imagers and sensors for everything obtained in the enhanced monitoring of non-invasive cancer and disease detection: poor sensitivity of dial pointer." Randelmercer, vice president of commercial development of marine thin films, explained

"our innovative pixeltec pattern technology provides precise crosshairs, variable filters, emi/rfi protection and other customized optical devices at the same time. This expansion is the latest action of our continuous investment to ensure that customers can enjoy the best composition ability and high-quality optical coating in similar products."

about ocean thin film company and Haomai:

Ocean thin film company (OTF), headquartered in the United States, designs and produces precision optical coatings, components and components, which can be widely used in a variety of products and customized applications. Based on our comprehensive knowledge in developing thin film coatings, our team provides expert level design support for cooperative customized process solutions. Through a large number of contract students, the time left for China's physical industry is running out, and fast samples are provided. OTF is a subsidiary of the Department of Optoelectronics of halmap.l.c. –. Founded in 1894, Haomai is a leading enterprise in international safety, health and sensor technology. It is a listed company on the London Stock Exchange, with more than 3700 employees and about 36 subsidiaries around the world. Haomai currently has representative offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu, and has opened many factories and production bases in China

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