The hottest obstacle to the development of propyle

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"Hindering" the development of propylene market will lead to market callback

since the new year, the listing price of Sinopec propylene is still rising, and the problems of flame resistance and fire prevention of its materials have become important issues that need to be solved urgently, and the market mentality is basically stable. Although the propylene market is still operating at a high level at present, according to the status of the downstream market, the price may fall in the long run, especially the existence of uncertain factors such as crude oil price, supply and demand, and the market needs to pay attention in time. The international crude oil price has risen again recently. The cold weather and the expected reduction in crude oil and distillate oil inventories will support the oil price to hit $80/barrel again, which provides strong support for the rise of the propylene market. At the same time, in January, most domestic devices with the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance did not have a clear maintenance plan, and the market supply remained normal. The start-up of some new installations in Shandong remained stable, and although the supply of goods was limited, it could still meet some needs. However, in the 2010 maintenance plan released by many devices in Asia, the maintenance is more frequent in the first quarter. It is estimated that the market supply will be tight at that time, and the price may rise. At present, stimulated by the positive external market, the price began to rise gradually, with an average negotiated price of about 1160 yuan/ton (FOB, South Korea), but high-level transactions were limited

in the downstream, although the high-level transaction in the polypropylene market is slightly difficult, the task of last year has been basically completed, and at the beginning of the year, due to the expectation of propylene price rise, most manufacturers are unwilling to sell at a low price and continue to adhere to the quotation; The start-up of propylene oxide domestic units is basically stable, the inventory level of manufacturers is not high, the demand for propylene is basically stable, and the market continues to stabilize; The decline in the operating rate of some epichlorohydrin manufacturers, the supply of goods tends to be tight, and the market price continues to rise, which restricts the supply procurement of downstream epoxy resin, resulting in a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market. At present, the market is worried that the downstream polypropylene transaction is not smooth and the price is not high. If the market turns to a declining state, it will hinder the development of the propylene market and may also lead to a moderate correction of the market

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