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OCP U.S. Summit: Facebook leads the design of open data center

news on March 12, 2015, open computing plans to hold OCP U.S. 2015 summit in San Jose, California, on March 10 and 11. As the initiator of OCP, the force measuring structure of horizontal tensile testing machine has only two ways: mechanical and electronic. Facebook was a great success at this meeting

according to Wikipedia, the OCP program began in April 2011. Facebook hopes to use this platform to share their data center product technology, building window elastic sealant JC 485 (9) 2, including servers, storage racks, mechanical installation systems, data center energy design and software. At first, Facebook hoped to redesign the data center in prinville, Oregon, with the goal of improving the energy efficiency of the data center. At present, prinville data center has partially utilized the new technology based on OCP. Last November, the Iowa Altoona data center even claimed that OCP technology was 100% adopted

ocp Foundation's board members include Facebook, Intel, Goldman Sachs, Rackspace and Microsoft. Just yesterday, apple, Cisco and juniper also announced their participation in the OCP program

why share your technology with others? Facebook said in its official blog that they should cooperate not only with the smartest people in their company, but also with the smartest minds in the world. This is the purpose of OCP program. Since its establishment in 2011, OCP has developed more than 200 cooperative companies, with thousands of participants all over the world

so what is the key of oc2 and panel key function P technology? Facebook engineers introduced themselves that it was distributed. Divide the components of the data center into interconnected small parts, and quickly assemble them when necessary. Multifeed is a typical distributed support system. This system is used in Facebook's new messaging function. When a user visits Facebook, multifeed is responsible for finding the latest news of his friends and deciding which messages to send. In the past, Facebook used to put multifeed on a single server, but as the algorithm became more and more complex and the message volume increased, a single server could not meet the requirements

at this conference, Facebook announced that the open technologies include wedge switch on the top of the rack, openbmc bottom board management software, fboss database agent, Yosemite system chip and so on. Action technology and others have announced the sale of Facebook's wedge switch. The day before yesterday, mellanox technology and ranovus, the two sponsors of 100g optical Ethernet module MSA openoptics, also proposed a new 32 channel high-speed optical transmission technology for OCP

Facebook now serves 1.39 billion users worldwide. Such a large number of customers require Facebook's data center to maintain high efficiency. Facebook said that over the past three years, they have reduced the cost of $2billion by using OCP technology, saving 80000 homes a year

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