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Octal enters the polyester Market PET resin manufacturing plant will be completed in May next year

octal holding and OC, headquartered in Oman, recently announced its entry into the polyester market. It is reported that the company has invested US $300million to build a pet resin and APET sheet manufacturing plant to enter the field of hard plastic packaging materials, which is planned to be completed in May 2008

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it is reported that the decision of OCT (2) attapulgite clay (at or ATP) al is to adapt to the significant growth in the field of global convenient food packaging, such as the common glass fiber 988a trend, and the increase in the frequency of the use of clean rigid plastic packaging for consumer goods. Octal's APET sheet thickness control technology is relatively advanced, the thickness change can be controlled within 1%, and can produce thinner APET sheets

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