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Qingdao, August 1 (Xinhua) -- the North Sea Branch of the State Oceanic Administration reported on August 1 that the North Sea Branch of the State Oceanic Administration issued a notice on August 31, criticizing ConocoPhillips for failing to complete the oil pollution cleaning operation of Penglai 19-3 Oilfield on schedule and requiring it to speed up the seabed oil pollution cleaning work of platform C

the North Sea Branch of the State Oceanic Administration requires ConocoPhillips to complete the seabed oil pollution cleanup before August 7, and submit an evaluation report on the cleanup and recovery effect to the North Sea Branch before August 10. At the same time, it should do a good job in the containment and disposal of oil spills on the sea surface during the cleanup and recovery work, so as to reduce the secondary pollution to the marine environment caused by the cleanup and recovery work

on July 31, the North Sea Branch of the State Oceanic Administration integrated information from satellites, aircraft, ships, platforms, Marine Supervision and law enforcement personnel, and the results showed that in Penglai 19-3 oilfield, except for B23 well and b37 well on platform B, other production wells and reinjection wells on platforms B and C were easier to process, and water injection wells were closed. A small area of oil belt was found near the oil spill point of platform B; Oil spray continued to overflow near platform C, and oil belt was found in the nearby sea area. On site law enforcement personnel on duty timely urge the oilfield party to clean up and recycle the oil belt near platforms B and C

the North Sea Branch of the State Oceanic Administration synthesized the monitoring information of satellites, marine surveillance aircraft and marine surveillance ships from July 27 to 31. The results showed that the area of seawater polluted by oil spill in Penglai 19-3 oilfield was about 1200 square kilometers, of which the area of inferior class IV seawater was about 6.9 square kilometers; The concentration of petroleum in the water body during the seabed oil pollution cleanup of the oil spill accident on platform C was significantly higher than that before the cleanup

review: disposal of Hebei fishermen due to changes in fan standards: shellfish death sued CNOOC and ConocoPhillips. 3.5 million caged fan shellfish died of pollution from more than 160 farmers in leting County, Hebei Province. The fishermen lost 3 million yuan. In response to the challenge of convenient and sustainable plastic packaging development, the fishermen decided to sue CNOOC and ConocoPhillips. The aquatic product center of leting county agriculture, animal husbandry and Fishery Bureau said that the cause of death of scallops was not clear, and it was not certain that it was related to oil pollution

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