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Polyester ultra-fine denier ring blown direct spinning project put into production recently, Jiangsu Taicang municipal government and Huangjing Town, a famous chemical fiber texturing town in China, have launched a key "demonstration project". At the same time, it is also a model project built by Beijing Zhongli machinery engineering technology company under the China Textile Research Institute - the 250000 ton production line of the 500000 ton melt direct spinning project of Jiangsu Changle Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. was officially completed and put into operation. With a total investment of 2billion yuan, this project adopts advanced ring blowing technology with independent intellectual property rights, winding devices that best fit the spinning process and production management system, and has carried out more than 100 technical transformations. The "polyester direct spinning POY microfiber" project, which adopts dozens of high-end patented technologies, has been successfully put into production, breaking the situation that large domestic enterprises mainly rely on imports for high-end melt spinning equipment, It will have an important impact on promoting the scientific and technological progress of China's chemical fiber industry and the transformation and upgrading of textile enterprises

tongwenqi, the general manager of the company, Shen Wei, the deputy general manager, Lu Liusheng, the Secretary of the CPC Taicang Municipal Committee and Wang Jianfeng, the mayor of Taicang, Jiangsu Province, Jiang Chao, the Secretary of the Party committee of Huangjing Town, a famous chemical fiber processing town in China, and Qu Zhenqing, the chairman of Jiangsu Changle Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. attended the completion and production ceremony

it is understood that not long ago, Luo Zhijun, Secretary of the Jiangsu provincial Party committee, accompanied by fan Jinlong, Secretary General of the Jiangsu provincial Party committee, and Jiang Hongkun, Secretary of the Suzhou municipal Party committee, visited Taicang City for investigation and investigation, and made a special trip to visit the first phase of the "polyester ultra fine denier ring blown direct spinning" project of Jiangsu Changle Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. He encouraged the local government to unswervingly promote the transformation and development of the chemical fiber texturing industry and achieve the goal of building a 10 billion yuan enterprise as soon as possible. We should thoroughly implement the new requirements of General Secretary Hu Jintao for Jiangsu's work, fully implement the decisions and arrangements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, firmly grasp the theme, firmly stick to the main line, and promote economic transformation and upgrading with greater efforts, striving to be the first to achieve modernization in the province

"polyester direct spinning POY microfiber" project has been "laid the foundation on November 29, 2010 and put into production on January 18, 2012, creating a number of" best "– single ultra-fine denier ring blown direct spinning has the largest scale, the shortest time from design to start-up, the most technological innovation content, and the best spinning product quality." polyester ultra-fine denier ring blown direct spinning " The project mainly spins ultra-fine denier polyester Po products with lower prices. During the implementation of the project, a number of technologies adopt new technologies with independent intellectual property rights, which have been innovated and developed by Beijing Zhongli Machinery Co., Ltd. in recent years. Among them, the "new external ring blowing" technology has reached or exceeded the international advanced level in terms of the uniformity of the ring blowing air duct, the insulation at the bottom of the component spinneret, the height adjustment of the windless area, and the installation and sealing. In addition, the "people-oriented" concept is integrated into the design of the "outer ring blowing" technology, and new improvements are made in the bottom frame design of the ring blowing, which not only makes processing simple, saves materials, but also facilitates installation and debugging, greatly reducing production costs and improving work efficiency. In order to improve the uniformity of blowing in the spinning process, the tightness of the blowing drum lifting and bellows, and the stability of the overall equipment, during the design, after many tests and comparative analysis, technical innovation has been made on the air supply mode of the blowing drum lifting system and the sealing material and structure of the bellows, so that the structure of the integral ring blowing parts is firm and the lifting process is stable, which fully meets the requirements of the spinning process. Due to the use of the advanced air supply system, the influence of the mechanical locking device on the spinning quality is avoided. In addition, the use of Beijing Zhongli precision winding technology can not only make the appearance of silk cake winding beautiful, but also improve the "tail passing rate" of silk cake, reaching the level of similar foreign products. The energy-saving spinning box can make the energy-saving effect reach 15%

in the interview, it was learned that in just two months after the start-up, various products produced by Jiangsu Changle fiber technology company have been recognized and praised by more than 200 downstream high-end customers. The 250000 ton production line "polyester direct spinning POY microfiber" project of Jiangsu Changle fiber technology company's 500000 ton melt direct spinning project, phase I, is not only an 888 large-scale chemical fiber enterprise, but also a system engineering representing the positioning, innovation, construction, product verification and other major missions of China's "polyester direct spinning POY microfiber" national high-end model enterprise. Jiangsu Changle Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. is an excellent management team with high-end strategic vision. Beijing Zhongli Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Changle Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. are important strategic partners. The two sides will work closely together to make new contributions to promoting the upgrading of China's chemical fiber industry

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