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The demand for polyester resin will reach one million tons

with the continuous strengthening of infrastructure construction and the vigorous expansion of other consumption fields, experts predict that the demand for unsaturated polyester resin in China will reach one million tons by 2005

statistics show that in 2002, the production of unsaturated polyester resin in China was 583000 tons, the import volume was 149000 tons, the export volume was 4556 tons, and the use volume reached 722000 tons. In the same year, Japan produced 194000 tons, and the United States exported 31500 tons and used 719600 tons. The consumption of these two countries is lower than that of China. In this month, the output of unsaturated polyester resin in China has exceeded 350000 tons this year. Relevant experts believe that the use scale of unsaturated polyester resin in China has been firmly in the leading position in the world

an important feature of the demand development of unsaturated polyester resin in China is that the product structure of products has changed greatly. It is learned that the ratio of reinforced and non reinforced resins has changed from 70:30 to 55:45 in the second half of 2002. In particular, the amount of non reinforced resin increased rapidly, reaching the most PEUU; At least 340000 tons of PCU. If the conveying speed exceeds the reasonable range, the amount of non reinforced resin required for polyester crafts and polyester artificial stone is very promising. In addition, the amount of non reinforcing resin used in buttons, polymer concrete, coatings for Piano and Polaroid boards, and atomic ash for automobiles has also increased significantly

unsaturated polyester resin is one of the main varieties of thermosetting resin. According to experts, it is widely used in industry, agriculture, transportation and other fields. Unsaturated polyester resin is mainly divided into two series: reinforced and non reinforced. Reinforced products mainly include cooling towers, boats, chemical anti-corrosion equipment, vehicle parts, doors and windows, activity rooms, sanitary equipment, food equipment, entertainment equipment and sports equipment; Non reinforced products mainly include furniture coatings, Polaroid boards, buttons, imitation ivory, imitation jade crafts, artificial marble, artificial agate and artificial granite, in order to measure and control the experimental process

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